Covering up the revealed anti-Judaism of Alice Walker

Recent controversy conveniently concealed Alice Walker’s latest poem “Conscious Earthlings” - an anti-Jewish diatribe that could’ve been plagiarized from Hitler or Goebbels.

Dov Hikind

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Alice Walker

Quite a storm was drummed up after the New York Times recently published an interview with Alice Walker in which she praised David Icke, a well-known anti-Semite who pushes such outlandish claims as the Holocaust is a hoax and that the Jews funded it (without explaining how they could fund something that never happened).

The real issue, however, is not her promotion of other anti-Semites, but her own brand of hatred. If you peruse Alice Walker’s website, the last post from December 2018 contains a poem she wrote called ‘Conscious Earthlings’, which if I hadn’t specified was authored by her you could easily think it was propaganda belonging to the Third Reich.”

In this masterpiece of racist literature. Alice Walker begins by claiming “Jews have always been involved/in my awakening.” The ‘awakening’ she speaks of is “Whatever worsening plans/the Zionist Nazis make.” Yet, despite her hatred for Jews and branding of all Zionists as Nazis, or perhaps due to her obsession with the Jewish people, she writes “It has always calmed me/to have them near/Carrying on, being smart-ass/Getting into everybody’s business.”

Most amazing, perhaps, is Walker’s implication that she knows the Jewish people better than the Jewish people, for she goes on to say “Zionist Nazis are not the Jews I know/terrorists who would and do/Kill anyone and anything/to get what they want/Control over everyone.”

What’s sad,is how revealed her hatred and contempt for the Jewish people is as it seethes through and permeates her writings, and yet, her many supporters have either been willfully blind or selectively ignorant of her very public statements.

This is the same Alice Walker who says that as a “pacifist” she has no choice but to make her “resistance felt through non-compliance with injustice and brutality.” One need not look far for Walker’s inspiration: between Icke - whose work she summed up in a single sentence, “David Icke’s work is a feast for the imagination” - and Hitler, whose notorious Mein Kampf was also on her published reading list.

Ultimately, haters like Walker are reminiscent of the likes of Louis Farrakhan, and neither brands of anti-Semitism are new under the sun. What’s most disheartening is that Walker has been a favorite of Oprah and many other respected public figures. What’s disgusting is that her open hatred remains concealed by a fawning public for whom she remains a darling author.

Until she’s outcast from the midst of good and decent people, she will remain a stain on all her friends and supporters who fail, at the very least, to condemn her words, if not also her hateful being. Thus, I’m calling on public figures and elected officials to unequivocally condemn Alice Walker’s anti-Judaism which should have no place in enlightened circles.