Trump gaining in NY as we read this

Don’t be fooled about an endorsement tied to a Jewish or Republican organization!  They sometimes are misled, just like you, for not knowing all the facts, and are ill advised.

Cindy Grosz

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My last column featured tips about how Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters are more united in supporting President Trump than opposed to his “America First” pledge in New York.

Since its publication, several events have taken place that prove I was on track, and I don’t mean the government shutdown.

I wrote that Congressman Lee Zeldin, a true Trump supporter, and not New York State GOP Chair, Edward Cox, is currently the most important, influential Republican in New York.  Apparently, many county leaders agree with me.  A published report in the New York Daily News confirms a meeting  to remove Cox as Chair.  Nicholas Langworthy, Erie County Chair and  John Jay LaValle, Suffolk County Chair, both Pro-Trump, have been rumored to be possible replacements.

Cox’s leadership is being questioned not only as a true Trump Chair, but on how he allowed Albany to go so progressive, so socialist and so anti-Semitic.  

I also suggested that Republicans stay clear of alt-right groups, just as they distance themselves from the alt-left.

Republicans are frustrated by the losses the past several years in New York.  People want their voices heard.  They will go to great lengths to achieve their “fifteen minutes of fame.”  That includes attacking anyone that has a different background and/or opinion.

I am proud that I was one of the first, if not the first to expose the growth of the racist, sexist and anti-Semitic factions growing in Queens, NY.  A club, The Whitestone Republican Club, was just reestablished by self appointed leader Vickie Paladino.  Now, the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan is having the same problem with alt-right supporters, some even Jewish, and some tied to Paladino.  They are spreading lies and false attacks, thus bringing conflict, dissent and unwanted publicity to an already bad situation.  This can only lead to future chaos within our community. 

The Anti Defamation League called out The Proud Boys (including McInnes).  As written on their website, “Members of the group claim to act as “security” for controversial, right-wing politicians including Vickie Paladino.”  So have the media outlets Politico and The Gothamist.

Worse yet, more each day are showing their true colors - not of being Trump activists, but rather seeking social media attention and paychecks.  This might explain why Curtis Sliwa is the joining with Paladino and her sympathizers.

Curtis Sliwa, Radio Show Host and Founder Of The Guardian Angels, usually very Pro Israel and a supporter of New York causes, is suddenly calling Paladino and her closest supporters “his team.”

Although not officially on the ballot as of this writing,  he is courting a Republican vote as a candidate for Public Advocate.  Sliwa’s Reform Party recently disbanded for lack of support.  His dislike for Trump is well known from his remarks on radio routinely.  

He also proves another point.  If you are not a Democrat, don’t run an anti-Trump campaign.  It doesn’t win.  It certainly didn’t help the candidates in Sliwa’s Reform Party, or Cox’s Republican Party, who ran the past two years.  

I also suggested watching Albany carefully.  We have a possible 2020 Democratic ticket working together, Governor Andrew Cuomo and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton changing the laws regarding abortion, Mayor Bill DeBlasio is offering healthcare and two week vacations in new legislation for everyone and Attorney General Tish James promising investigations against President Trump while ignoring questionable actions by Democrats like Governor Cuomo and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie makes case for legislator pay raise without income cap.  And speaking of money,  if you work in the New York Legislature you can get re-elected, retire and then collect a salary and pension.

And we haven’t touched on the yeshiva standards controversy, safety in our religious and schools and the open discussion of Jew and Israel hate.

Then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, probably the canniest, yet dumbest, elected official ever.  She has managed to garner international attention for her factually inaccurate statements and excellent use of social media.  Can you name any other brand-new elected official as easily?  

Any wonder why a blue state like New York is projected to lose up to one million residents to a red state like Florida where Pro Israel, Pro Trump leadership with Governor Ron DeSantis And Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio will not only gain in population numbers, but in congressional seats in the next redistricting lines established after 2020.

Response To My NY Observations

I received many responses to last week’s column.  Only one attacked me for supporting Trump, claiming he cheated on his wife.  If we all judged our friends, some family members and business associates by their personal life choices, we would all be without many people in our lives.

I voted for leadership and so did you!!!!

Here is a smallish sampling from you:

--Thank you for telling it as it is, my grandparents lived in NY from the 1920’s when they came from Poland until their passing in the late 1900’s. I’m 86, grew up in Canada and legally came to USA in the 1950’s.  I read your column in Arutz Sheva, live in Los Angeles and worked in NY many years ago. Voted for Trump for the reasons you stated. The alternative would have been hell for the USA. The Presidency is a thankless job. We are lucky to have him. 


--I’m an American living in Toronto. I just read your amazing summary of what Trump needs to possibly hopefully ever  do to change  New York from deep blue to red. I always thought we Jews are our worst enemy and felt that New York Jews (many frum) would only vote Democrat.  Many I’ve spoken to hold self righteously of the morality of this President, completely side-stepping Obama’s more known anti Jewish and anti Semitic snake-like tendencies in light of an outwardly ‘moral’ appearance. 

--I don’t know who you are or what your background is, but you write with your finger on the pulse. You say exactly what goes through my mind and hopefully you’ll get only great feedback on your clear and precise words. Keep at it! 

This Is Our President 

President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, current policies and long term agenda is and will always be against the hate of the alt-right.  Research has readily available about how almost every minority group except Jews has increased their support of President Trump and elected statewide officials.  New York and California are exceptions.  

Donald J. Trump ran as an outsider, and runs his administration as the successful businessman he is.  But, he has proven a equal opportunist, with all the incredible women in his administration and his ties to all groups through the diversity coalition.  I can’t repeat this enough.

New York, especially New York Jews, wake up, call out those in both parties that voice their feelings against Israel, Jews and Donald Trump.  

Do your homework!  Don’t be fooled about an endorsement tied to a Jewish or Republican organization!  They sometimes are misled, just like you, for not knowing all the facts, and are ill advised.

My last piece of advice goes to President Trump, clean your team of these charlatans too.

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