Elegy for a four-day-old infant, Amiad Yisrael Hy"d

Elijah the Prophet is said to attend every circumcision of a Jewish child and the person holding the infant sits on what is known as "Elijah's chair." Elijah is also the harbinger of the Redemption.

Elyashuv Har Shalom, | updated: 01:00

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הלוווית התינוק עמיעד ישראל הי"ד
צילום: רועי חדי

Greetings to you

Elijah the prophet

I wish to tell you

That there is no need for you to attend -

The blood of the circumcision has already been spilt.

And the infant? Where is he?

Here he is – he lies before you

He is yours.

Not moving, nor stirring

Gone as he came.

Pure, perfect, innocent offering

Gone to rest under the wings of the Divine Presence

His laughter never heard

His tears never soothed in a mother's arms

His bright sayings never uttered

And no, no one will call for him by name.


Greetings to you, Prophet

Perhaps you can bring

A measure of consolation to my people?

A full recovery to the young mother?

She whose joy has faded

With the son she gave birth to

And never knew -

Not his fragrance

Not his form.

She will only know

That within her

She carried

A young and holy life

A child of kingly spheres.


Greetings to you

Elijah the Prophet

Greetings, Peace -

But there is no peace.

עת  שערי רצון להיפתח

העוקד, הנעקד, והמזבח

As the gates of good-will are to open

Remember Abraham binding Isaac on the altar.

Translated by Rochel Sylvetsky from the original Hebrew poem with the writer's permision