Have French law-enforcement agencies been infiltrated by Islamists?

Some French policemen have refused to protect synagogues. Is there a pattern emerging here?

Giulio Meotti

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French Police France
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What if the Islamists have infiltrated the law enforcement agencies in France?

Bfmtv just revealed that an official member of the Service de la Protection, who guarded high profile personalities, is accused of links with Islamic radicalism. The Directorate General of Internal Security found that the official, a Muslim, manifested "disturbing” behavior. The officer protected Charlie Hebdo's director, “Riss”, who was injured in that deadly attack.

A confidential note from the Paris Prefecture of Police, which ended up on the pages of Le Parisien, had already provided detailed information on 17 cases of radicalized policemen between 2012 and 2015. Some of these have openly refused to protect synagogues.

The weekly Le Point has published also disturbing data on the situation of security devices: internal intelligence has sifted through the profiles of 3,500 employees of the companies called to ensure safety during the last European football championship, discovering among these 82 individuals registered “S”, all for islamist radicalization.

Colonel Pascal Rolez, adjunct to the assistant director of the counter-intervention unit of the Defense Security Protection Department, also declared that “we are witnessing an increase in radicalization among the French military, notably since the Merah affair” (the terrorist who killed four at the Toulouse's Jewish school).

The radio station RFI revealed that 10 French soldiers deserted and joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. According to a parliamentary document, the Directorate of Defense Protection and Security had 50 cases of potential Jihadists in the ranks of the French army. According to the US McClatchy website, a former officer of the Directorate General of External Security has joined the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda. The French Ministry of Defense denies it: “This Frenchman exists but he is neither a former secret service nor even a former soldier, to our knowledge, he just trained physically with former members of the French army”.

Canard Enchaîné, the French weekly which has a long tradition of scoops and revelations, has reported that the French embassy in Doha, Qatar and London had employees linked more or less directly to the Islamic State. And in the case of the couple of policemen killed in 2016 in Magnanville, a husband and wife, a policewoman has also been investigated. The Islamist was certainly aware of the address of the couple and he did scouting before going on the attack. Did someone give him information about the target?

I hate conspiracy theories, but what if there is a multicultural trojan horse inside the French security forces?