Left or liberal?

The return of the Liberal University: Prager University and good old, straight and plain, moral and simple American liberalism, not illiberal leftism.

Howard Sachs

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Dennis Prager

Great changes come out of nowhere sometimes. One just occurred regarding educating our young. If there were a Nobel Prize for educators, those responsible should receive it. It represents a sea change in education.

As of today there are almost 1.6 billion views of the @300  five minute “courses” at Prager University on the internet.  Just think of it, billion of times people ( 65% under age 35) have been watching the talks of great American teachers, scholars and thinkers- people speaking about what our young should be hearing every day.

What most are seeing and hearing for the first time in decades is good old , straight and plain,  moral and elevated, simple but not simplistic, American liberalism. Tragically they no longer encounter this at most of the vast number of our schools, colleges and universities.  This week’s 1.6 billion marks the wonderful fact that brave Americans are still fighting for liberalism and making a huge difference. Two have started Prager U. It is flourishing like nothing else in liberal education these days.

This was begun a few years ago by two men from California- Dennis Prager, the author, scholar, nationally syndicated talkradio host and his partner Allen Estrin- teacher, writer and producer. There have been many teaching sites on the internet over the years, for example, The Teaching Company, Kahn Academy and the like. Many of them are excellent, but none has taken up the vital and moral call of Prager University , the call to bring back liberalism to the minds of our American youth- young now mired in a sea of illiberal Leftsim.

And our kids are responding all over America, all over the world in fact.  The website has morphed from viral to a metaphorical pandemic. Take the latest one on Liberalism vs. Leftism for example  . It has now, after only a few days,  nearly 6 million views.

It’s tragic that such an institution of learning was even needed here in America, the greatest experiment in liberal civilization in human history.  That presumably is the primary role of our schools and universities- to transmit our liberal culture to the next generation.

Unfortunately, the experiment has been failing primarily because the call of Leftism, the call of men like Karl Marx, Wilson, FDR, Barak Obama, The Bern, and Elizabeth Warren is alluring- almost intoxicating. It is the call of us to reject liberal American exceptionalism, reject assimilation, reject our borders, render our liberty to the  gargantuan State, embrace the State to care for us, and give us lots and lots of free stuff.

But as the antithesis to this, Mr. Prager notes, our values are clearly stamped on each of the coins in our pocket: “Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum.”  The men and women in our school now overwhelmingly reject each one of those fundamental American liberal ideas. They indoctrinate our kids with the illiberalism of Leftism.

Just think about it. What is being drummed into the minds of our kids today at school; the love of liberalism and its expansive liberty? No. It’s the antithesis of such love.  We now have millions of our young chanting along with their teachers and professors for the liberty -wrecking Leftist ideology of socialism.  They channel the greed and selfishness of socialism yelling at their politicians to steal money from the hardworking man next door and  “give it to me because “free” stuff is my due.

Tell that doctor or nurse who has paid dearly for his education, skills and medical equipment his stuff belongs to me. I have a right to demand he care for me.” Liberty? How about our young now heeding the call of the Left to end freedom of speech? Who can believe that we now have the utter regression of millions of American young demanding the illiberal tyrannical notion of banning “hate speech”? 

Prager University in its “courses” confronts and rejects such illiberalism head -on. Take the fine five minute course on socialism vs. capitalism

Ninety sevenn point 8 percent of our kids have never heard such basic liberal ideas. Now they can - at Prager University.

P.U comes to the rescue of our kids on many other core liberal values such as the next two fundamental ones.

How about on the E Pluribus front? Now our young are indoctrinated into the poisonous Leftist idea that we are not one American culture, we are a multitude of hyphenated people and cultures- no culture better than another. Throughout history such regressive notions , such  Balkanization has only lead to massive discord, illiberalism, tearing apart of societies, and often war. Mixing into this toxic brew is that our young are now taught that they as members of mini-culture groups are victims of someone else; all vying for the top of the victimhood -pantheon along with the attention and massive bennies distributed out from the overflowing treasure- house of politicians on Capitol Hill. Gay- Americans are victims of straights; Latino-Americans, victims of Anglos; Female –Americans victims of males.

Finally, in God We Trust? How is that part of educating our kids going?  How’s it going with our great and wise founder’s concept that you cannot have a free moral society without one deeply rooted in Godly values from our Bible? Our students from our “Blue Ribbon” high schools, let alone Harvard or Yale, wouldn't know Job from the Apple founder, Cain and Able from Ben and Jerry. Now we’ve gone from teachers teaching the wisdom and moral beauty of Biblical ideas and starting the morning with “May God, the creator of all, the judge of all, bless this school, our country, our parents and teachers” to what? ; to the religion of radical secular Leftism; to discourses on condom placements, recycling, the hysteria of climate chnge the argument that unrestricted killing of babies in the womb is admirable; to not assuming the boy sitting next to you is really a boy.

Our public schools and universities are failing wretchedly.
We’ve gone to banishing God or even the mention of Him from our schools. Now our teachers would be arrested if they had a Bible reading in class or quoted from the Ten Commandments.  Now our schools have turned Judeo Christian Godly values on its head- there is no truth, only opinions.  There is no creator. There is no such thing as holy behavior and speech.  There is no such thing as protection of private property rights. There is no male and female.  Evil is carbon emissions and plastic straws- not millions of people bowing to the false gods, the idols of radical Leftist secularism-socialism, race , class and gender. 

And along comes this great new University on the internet with it’s now almost 300, 5 minute “courses.” Of course it is not formally “accredited” by the people of the Left who run the accreditation institutions- why would they accredit something that rejects every idea and value they hold?  However, our young learn more wisdom, liberalism, kindness, great Western ideas there for free than they would, by leaps and bounds, for the $200,000 at our now laughable Leftist indoctrination centers called American Universities.

Our public schools and universities are failing wretchedly. They, along with the media, Democrat Party, techies, most corporate heads, and Hollywood fail because they have rejected American liberalism and the Western Judeo Christian framework that gives it life and meaning.

And at the heart of Leftism is the tyrannical religion of radical secularism. It is why the new priests of the Left like the heads of Google are trying to silence such a liberal and heretical institution as Prager University.It is why brave Mr. Prager and Mr. Estrin are fighting back with a lawsuit against these powerful Google Leftists warring on American values- warring on the character, spirit and goodness of our American young.

Thank God Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin have come along to help us all- especially our young, with Prager University.  Great change has come to education. 1.6 billion is a lot,  but it is facing a lot more with over a century of this radical illiberal Leftism infecting every part of  our dear America.