Cuomo wins big in primary focused on Israel

Is anyone surprised? Is anyone happy?

Jack Engelhard

OpEds New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
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Cuomo wins big…New Yorkers vote small  

No surprise. Andrew Cuomo defeated Cynthia Nixon at Thursday night’s Democratic Primary. This automatically gives him a third term as New York’s governor.

The real election comes Nov. 6. Do you even know there’s a Republican in the picture? Bet you don’t.

His name is…give me a minute. Okay, Marcus Molinaro. He was selected by the State GOP at its convention May 23. He’ll be running as the Republican candidate. No chance.

Yes, it’s true, there are enough Republicans in New York State to hold a convention – but they can’t get anything started until they have a minyan.

That’s the quorum of 10 – for those out there unhip to New York bagel lore…like Cynthia Nixon.

Getting it wrong on bagels does not make you anti-Semitic, only groan-worthy, but the Democratic State Committee did send out leaflets charging Nixon with lack of empathy for Jewish causes, which is not quite anti-Semitism, but close. Though why assume that ALL Jews are pro-Israel, to name one cause, when so many have sold their birthrights to the enemy in the name of Liberalism.  

Cuomo says – who me? He claims to know nothing about those circulars – distributed to some 7,000 ultra-religious Jewish homes – though he, Cuomo, runs the Committee.

First question -- How did the Jews get mixed up in this without DOING ANYTHING? For me, that is the definition of anti-Semitism – blaming or simply naming Jews for something even when they are nowhere in the room, but 10,000 miles away. In New York City at least, it’s about pot holes, traffic, parking, cabbing, bike lanes and subways.

Jews don’t run any of that but they do run a galaxy far away…Israel…aha. If there were no Jews, trust me,
Anti-Semites were created even before Jews stepped foot on the planet. I know this. I wrote this.
there would STILL be anti-Semites.

Anti-Semites were created even before Jews stepped foot on the planet. I know this. I wrote this.

Next question – Why did New York Dems vote anyway when it was a foregone conclusion that Cuomo was going to win? As sure as the Boston Red Sox.

Nixon herself should not have bothered except perhaps to make a point, which is that the radical/socialist wing is coming and coming fast to take over the Party.

So that even so-called moderate Democrats shall be forced into a corner, as was Cuomo when he endorsed same-sex marriage.     

Did you see people smiling as they went to the polls like Frenchmen heading toward the guillotine?

Nobody was happy with the choice. Cuomo versus the Yankees Aaron Judge…now that would have been something.

Judge is still injured, but even on one leg he beats Cynthia Nixon (and Cuomo). Nobody likes her. As an actress, maybe, but as GOVERNOR?

Nobody likes Cuomo, either. But that’s the hand Dems were dealt. His father Mario got three terms, so what the heck…why should the son stop at two?

Democrats are all the same, shady, corrupt, as perceived by the typical voter, so one’s as good as another.

Which takes us back to anti-Semitism. Now why on earth would anyone play that card? Except?

Except that when it comes to Democratic Progressive Socialist Liberals, it has the ring of truth.  It’s what we’ve come to assume.

Democrats and anti-Semites go hand-in-hand.

It is nothing we did. They did it, and the image of Bill Clinton sharing the same stage with Louis Farrakhan saves us a thousand more words.

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