Art video for Rosh Hashana

Inna and Michael Rogatchi share with Arutz Sheva the first part of their ongoing joint project on the Torah, which is planned for completion next year.

Dr. Inna Rogatchi

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The month of the High Holydays, Tishrei, is also called Yerach Haeitanim, the month of the stalwart. Some commentaries say that this refers to the Patriarchs, 

Arutz Sheva brings readers a musical video-essay by Inna Rogatchi based on the Michael Rogatchi original art series depicting the Patriarchs and the Matriarchs in the unique collection of the history of art. (C) 1995-2010. This is part of an ongoing visual Torah project to be completed next  year. 

As Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky said upon viewing it: "Michael Rogatchi shares with us not only his immense talent, but also the very essence of his warm, ebullient Jewish soul. In his The Patriarchs & The Matriarchs series we see our forefathers brought back to life on canvas, their integrity and holiness eloquently and creatively put forth with every brush stroke. Looking at Michael's Biblical canvases makes one feel that one looks into the Jewish soul."

Shana tova umetuka- Have a good and sweet year!

Rogatchi Shana Tova