Standing up to Jewish leftist anti-Semitism

Jewish leftists, including Israelis, seek to depict a national conflict as a racial one.

Yehezkel Laing

OpEds ההפגנה בתל אביב
ההפגנה בתל אביב
  • Jews don't deserve a state of their own but Arabs deserve many countries of their own.
  • The Arab minority living in the Land of Israel deserves independence, but Jewish minorities living in foreign lands don’t deserve independence.
  • An Arab state in Judea and Samaria should be ethnically cleansed of Jews.

If all this sounds paradoxical to you then you are obviously not part of the "enlightened" anti-Zionist Israeli left, which has no problem denying Jews the very same rights its adherents accord Arabs.

But the claim that the Italians, Japanese and French are allowed to have their own country but not the Jews is just good old anti-Semtism in its latest incarnation. There are Jews of every color and race. Not only that, but any non-Jew of any race or color can become Jewish via conversion. Judaism is not a race, but a nationality and a religion. The only ones who ever called the Jews a race were Hitler and the Nazis. It’s very sad that the
The self-hate of Jewish leftists is sad but nothing new. Just look at Karl Marx and the millions of communist Jews that followed him and his genocidal ideology.
Jewish left of today has adopted this ideology.

Why does the left promote this double standard against Jews? Nationalism and religion are changeable and subject to free will – race is not.  Therefore in order to make Jewish nationalism taboo, the anti-Zionist Jewish Left seeks to depict it as racist – its favorite accusation for any creed with which it disagrees.

The real discrimination here is not against the Arabs, who enjoy more rights in Israel than they do in any Arab country, and even more rights than the Jews of Israel (e.g. exemption from three years of national service). The real discrimination here is against Jews. The denial of Jewish national rights is anti-Semtism.

The self-hate of Jewish leftists is sad but nothing new. Just look at Karl Marx and the millions of communist Jews that followed him and his genocidal ideology. Marx said "the G-d of the Jews is money" and Jewish communists sent thousands of religious and nationalist Jews to their deaths in Soviet Russia.

The desire to the portray national and religious conflict between the Jews and the Arabs as a racial struggle is done in order to make it fit in with the wider Leftist dialogue which sees racism in everything that doesn’t fit into its radical agenda.

But if the Left really wants to deal with racism it should look at itself. Why is 85% of the Supreme Court Ashkenazic and secular when they make up less than 35% of the population? Why are religious officers, over 30% of IDF officers, not included in the Joint Chiefs of Staff? In 70 years of independence why has a religious officer never been appointed Head of the IDF and why has there never been a single Sephardic Prime Minister? These are the real questions about racism that we should be asking.

Here’s a general rule for understanding the Left’s hostile conduct – they attack on the same issues on which they themselves are weakest in order to pre-empt criticism. As the saying goes – offense is the best defense. The claims of racism against Jewish nationalists serve mainly to hide the Israeli Left’s own racism against fellow Sephardic citizens and the ongoing discrimination against observant Jews in Israel.

Zionist Jews and Jews who are loyal to the Torah must stop defending themselves against the endless libels of the Far Left. We must stop reacting and begin to go on the offensive.  Demand an end to discrimination against observant Jews, demand an end to secular coercion, demand an end to anti-Zionist control of public television and radio, come out strongly against their identifying with those who would destroy the Jewish state, and demand an end to Israel’s institutionalized anti-Semtism. Sooner than we think the Leftist paper tiger will fall.