The 13 principles for modern day decadence: The 9th of Av LGBT rally

The arrogance and insensitivity displayed in holding an LGBT rally on the Tisha B'Av fast mandates a clear declaration defining the difference between the holy and profane in Judaism.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati, | updated: 06:51

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On the 9th of Av, LGBT Israelis held a rally in Tel Aviv.

Among them, one can imagine, are those who condemn the haredi community, or part of it, for not standing at attention when the sirens sound on IDF Memorial Day.  Somehow, the travesty involved in holding a rally while most of the country fasts in mourning for the destruction of the two Holy Temples and the ensuing exile from Israel and end of Jewish independence, is acceptable to them.  

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The Principles:

1. The fact that humans have evil inclinations is the  way G-d created them. It is giving in  to that inclination that is a sin.

2. Sin is the basis of death in the world, the basis of falsehood. The Torah is the source of life in the world, the basis of truth.

3.  As a nation and as individuals, we are commanded by the Almighty to choose truth and life.

4.  Pride is a despicable trait. Pride about sinning is doubly despicable.

5.  A private, personal sin is a serious misdeed. Sinning publicly is the desecration of G-d's Name.

6.  Every person who belongs to the People of Israel has a spark of G-dliness within him, one that must be loved as you love yourself. That is why we pray that sinners will return in the daily Silent prayer with the Hashivenu (return us) blessing, and for the mentally ill among them in the Refaenu (heal us) blessing.

7.  Anyone who acts against the Jewish people does not take part in that G-dly spark and the Minim (against heretic talebearers) blessing is directed at him.

That  is why we must not confuse those who fall prey to their evil inclinations but are not proud of their failings with those who turns their sins into a progressive ideology aimed at uprooting the Jewish nation and changing its basic identity.

8. Each and every one of us must speak out against any ideology of death and falsehood and must reprimand evildoers.

9. The command to reprimand others is meant to be done publicly, but only if it is clear and has a chance of being  listened to, not if it is expected to achieve results opposite to those intended. The command to reprimand is always in effect, but is mainly intended towards those who wish to serve G-d and need to be strengthened so as to stand firm against the present public contamination.

10. Engaging in same-sex relations, as opposed to those who desire them and resist the urge to engage in them,  is equivalent to leading the opposite of the Torah way of life. In the Torah way of life the healthy sexual urge leads to building families, children and a better world. Those who engage in those acts are doing the opposite, wasting physical desire with no responsibility toward the future.

The Torah way of life increases the inner joy stemming from the partnership of a man and a woman, while those who lead alternative lifestyles indulge in fulfiling desires and momentary pleasure, as do other living things

11. Along with more light, come more shadows. Just a few miles from the parade of falsehood and contamination there were the lights of 52 siyums marking the end of studying Talmudic Tractates.

12. The truth will win our, falsehood will disappear. So the Torah promises, with the words "and Hashem will  bring you back." That is what  we see unfolding before us in our wonderful state.

13. Our psychological response to those who are proud of their alternative lifestyles must be based on the calming and sure knowledge that they will wither while the Torah blossoms. At the same time, we must make sure we are fully aware of the severity of this contamination. Not as a threat we are facing, but as a falsehood whose existence we must act to end so as to allow for the Divine Presence to dwell among us.