Why does tiny Israel nettle the nations?

Haman couldn't stand the Jews and neither can his modern-day counterparts.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

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Why Does Tiny Israel Nettle the Nations?

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Whereas Socrates was the gadfly of Athens, Israel is the gadfly of mankind. And whereas Athens, a democracy, silenced its finest citizen, so mankind would silence its finest nation.

Democracies don’t put philosophers to death anymore; they simply ignore them. No wonder. Having metamorphosed into professors of philosophy, philosophers threaten no one.

Although the nations have often tried, they can’t silence Israel, for Israel is like no other nation. Indeed, Israel’s function is to nettle the nations, which are little more than accidental aggregations of individuals in pursuit of incomesafety, and glory.

Unlike Socrates and Israel, the nations can’t engage in reasoned speech or dialogue, a distinctively human activity. The Taliban distributed placards saying, “Throw reason to the dogs, it stinks of corruption.” Muslims substitute the knife for reason. The scimitar is their emblem. Israel's emblem is the dove.

Like animals, Muslims scream Allah Akbar – especially at Jews who prefer the word to the sword. Not that Muslims are averse to using words as a weapon. Taqiyya, devious words, is a finely honed weapon in Islamic culture.  

Prevarication is the modus operandi of the Arab Middle East. “Give us land, and we’ll give you peace,” say Muslims who use their children as human bombs.  Even fools in the State Department would have us believe the absurd falsehood that giving Muslims more land will transform the disciples of Muhammad into disciples of Mother Teresa!

Benjamin Netanyahu talks of “reciprocity,” a concept foreign to Islam. He cannot possibly believe this drivel can dissolve 1,400 years of Islam’s nihilistic theology and transform the Qur’an into the Sermon on the Mount. What an insult to Muslims!  

Nothing so enrages 1.5 billion Muslims dwelling on 14 million square kilometers of land than 8 million Jews residing on 10 thousand square kilometers of land the size of New Jersey! Does any honest person believe that a patch of Jewish terra firma in any "peace" plan will pacify Muslims and deter them from continuing to use their own children as human bombs!?! 

Is it really their not having Israel’s scrap of land that transforms Muslims into savages? Is that what prompts them to outdo the fiendish Nazis by sacrificing their children to Allah? Let me offer another explanation of what infuriates Muslims.

First, by sacrificing their own children, Muslims appease Allahl. It’s well known that Islam was born in Arabia, where polytheism and competition among Arab deities thrived, and where Allah, a new tribal deity, had to be exalted by his devotees as the “greatest god”:  

Second, the mere existence of Jews anywhere on earth, especially in their ancient homeland, where they defeated four Muslim armies in the 1948 War of Independence, shocked the faith and overweening pride of the bellicose Muslim world: the God of the Jews is more powerful than the god of the Arabs, which contradicts the Muslim war cry of Allah Akbar!

Third, that Israel’s GNP exceeds that of many of the 22 Islamic states combined is a conspicuous and embarrassing refutation of Islam, a refutation, moreover, that threatens the entire power structure of every Islamic regime.

However, despite Israel’s ranking among the ten most powerful nations in the world, there are stil Israelis who lack the fortitude to cease groveling to the paltry Palestinian Authority, which would crumble were it not for the annual subsidies it receives from the USA. And what makes this appeasement of the PA more pernicious is that it hinders America in confronting her own mortal enemy, the Islamic imperialism spearheaded by Iran. 

The prime minister has courage enough to explain to all and sundry why minuscule Israel nettles the vast Islamic world, and why a two-state solution is a recipe for  destryoing Israel. He could cite a lecture sponsored by the Arab League in Cairo, delivered by ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz, Professor of Law at the University of Baghdad, who later became Iraq’s Prime Minister. This is what he said:

"The great danger of Israel is due to its being an ideological threat to our nationalism which challenges our entire national existence in the entire region. The existence of Israel nullifies the unity of our homeland, the unity of our nation and the unity of our civilization, which embraces the whole of this one region.  Moreover, the existence of Israel is a flagrant challenge to our philosophy of life and the ideals for which we live, and a total barrier against the values and aims to which we aspire in the world."

If Muslims live in a fantasy world, the left lives in a world of denial. This means that of the parties to this conflict, each in its own way is steeped in darkness if not madness.

But since Israel was created to be a light unto the nations, it bears a heavier burden of responsibility.  For the nations to say Israel is the core of the Middle East conflict is the one truth they utter, of course, with malicious envy, which may be ascribed to the entire Islamic world.