Palestinians need to find another cause

Some among the PLO leadership are threatening to join ISIS in revenge.When were they ever not ISIS?

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Mahmoud Abbas is greeted by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini
Mahmoud Abbas is greeted by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini
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On a day, a few weeks ago, when the EU snubbed Mahmoud Abbas, that was a tipping point…and not just for Abbas, but against his entire terrorist movement.

The world has seen enough of their tantrums against Israel, and Jews in general. They need to find a different sport. The game against the Jews has grown tiresome. Bickering and bitterness can only take you so far. Nobody likes a kvetch. Back on Dec. 15, 1968, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles booed Santa.

That happened just once, but since then and for all time, Philadelphia is known as a town of boo-birds.

Jeering is what the “Palestinian” leadership does every day, even against our President, against Santa too, I imagine, and it’s a bad reputation.

Nobody wants those people at a party…though they do crash every shindig in town.  

Their constant griping has become intolerably depressing…and even their biggest boosters have had enough.

“Go pick on somebody else for a change” was the message from the EU’s Federica Mogherini, if not in so many words.

Let’s be precise…

So, these were her precise words when Abbas came pleading for recognition of “Palestine” – “No effort will ever bring the two sides together if it does not include the United States.”

Well the United States is Donald Trump and Donald Trump says, “Go fly a kite, you and your fake people. I am fed up.”

He wasn’t quite that flip, but that is our interpretation when he says this -- “We give them hundreds of millions [$5.2 Billion since 1994] and they disrespect us. This can’t go on. If they want to come to the negotiating table, fine. I don’t care either way.” Sounds like good riddance to me when someone says “either way.”

Meantime Trump already aced them by denying them Jerusalem, then by cutting further aid, and now Nikki Haley gives it her unique flourish, saying 

Playing off the Jews and into the arms of ready-made anti-Semitism has worked so wonderfully for them over the decades – why stop?
“We will not chase after a Palestinian leadership that lacks what is needed to achieve peace.”

Can they take a hint? That it was fun while it lasted, but the hostess is clearing the dishes? Apparently not.

Playing off the Jews and into the arms of ready-made anti-Semitism has worked so wonderfully for them over the decades – why stop? They wanted to deny Israel its historic, sovereign and biblical rights to the Temple Mount AND the Cave of the Patriarchs –  all they had to do was ask…ask UNESCO, which said, sure, it’s done.

For the longest time, they had it made. Then something happened. Yes, Trump. But now everybody, everybody that counts, gets the big picture, that it is in fact ACT 3 for the “Palestinians” – a fake people chasing after a fake cause. We hear that (starting with Trump’s Jerusalem Doctrine) they’ve become so discombobulated from the change in scenery that some among the PLO leadership (Saeb Erekat?} are threatening to join ISIS in revenge.

When were they ever not ISIS?

They are still terrific with slogans – “It Is All Our Land” and Linda Sarsour can still persuade American women dressed in mini-skirts that the full-body veil is really cool.

They still have the UN, and through BDS/SJP Gestapo beer hall tactics they continue to run our campuses.

But that’s just reflex…old habits...but same whining…same complaints… always the long face…never satisfied with anything, even the billions they get from around the world. People get tired of that, of the same old story. Can’t they find another enemy – at least for a change of pace?

Israel as the enemy does not inspire anymore…does not draw cheers from the grandstands. Worst of all, the “Palestinians” have become boring.

America thinks so, as do the Europeans and even the Sunni states like Saudi Arabia. It’s time for the “Palestinians” to take the hint and for Abbas to get lost.

Even The New York Times thinks so. Imagine that!  

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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