Harvey Weinstein and Tariq Ramadan: A comparison

Today's feminists and "freedom fighters" burn Weinstein in effigy, but do not believe the women charging Tariq Ramadan. How convenient.

Giulio Meotti

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Harvey Weinstein
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They stone them? Nothing happens They mutilate them? Nothing happens. They prevent them from witnessing in court? Nothing. They lash them? Nothing. They throw acid in their faces? Nothing. They take their children away? Nothing. They lock them in burqas? Nothing. They prevent them from studying? Nothing. They control the inches of eyes they can show in public? Nothing. They marry them by force, even young girls? Nothing.

And now that their paladin, Tariq Ramadan, has been accused of having abused so many of these Muslim girls  in Europe's cities, what are the official Islamic organizations, the feminists and Western progressives, doing? They defend Ramadan, they lurk in the shadows, they keep silent, they talk about something else, they take time out, they shout about the “Islamophobic conspiracy.” 

They burn Harvey Weinstein in effigy, but they do not believe the women charging Tariq Ramadan.

It is probably because they want to cover up the fact that Tariq Ramadan's case is much more important than the Harvey Weinstein one. 

The press loved to investigate in the Weinstein case, while their silence has been obscene on Ramadan.
On the one hand, there is a Hollywodian producer who asked for sex in exchange for favors, on the other hand an Islamic preacher, a religious and cultural symbol for millions, equivalent to a cardinal, who subjugated and raped women.

Weinstein was a rich powerful guy, Ramadan a guru with a beard and headgear.

Weinstein's victims are all very famous, Ramadan's are poor and anonymous.

Weinstein's victims are the new icons of feminism, Ramadan's are often not even known by name, they are threatened with death by their own communities.

The press loved to investigate in the Weinstein case, while their silence has been obscene on Ramadan.

Weinstein was immediately deprived of all his honors, while Ramadan was defended by his Oxford colleagues as “a prominent Muslim”.

Weinstein did not tell women how they should live and dress, Ramadan did it for decades.

Weinstein doesn't want to conquer Europe, Ramadan does.

In the Weinstein case reporters have become heroes, those who covered Ramadan, such as Charlie Hebdo, are now threatened with death.

The reason for so many inequalities? The Ayatollah Khomeini once said: "There is no humour in Islam”. Those who touch it, those who dare to criticize it, die.