The killing in Har Adar, the Kurds and the Israelis

How interesting to see how the world treats the PA's bid for a state and the Kurdish struggle.

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Giulio Meotti

OpEds Kurds receive Israeli humanitarian aid in Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurds receive Israeli humanitarian aid in Iraqi Kurdistan
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It is a a type of hypnosis: killing Israelis, whatever it costs. The terrorist who struck the Jewish community of Har Adar, murdering 3 soldiers and security personnel, had a work permit, a privilege for Palestinian Authority residents (to get one of these you need to have no terrorist connections, not even a cousin involved in terrorism). But that hypnosis is stronger than the need to work.

It seems that Palestinian Arabs are attracted to the death of Israelis more than to preserving their own lives. These terrorists know that their house will be destroyed and their relatives arrested. They know their mother will lose the family home, their children will have no more means of livelihood and they will never be able to work in Israel, but they also know that they will be backed by the money that their “authority” of kleptocratic murderers will devote them to the rest of their lives.

European money. Lots of European money for the "martyrs" and their 72 dark-eyed virgins.

They also see that Israel is the focus of hatred for all the languid opinion makers of the West, convinced that the small Jewish Israeli masterpiece must be wiped out with blood, no matter how much blood.

The Kurds have just held a referendum on their indipendent state. The extraordinary aspect of their political struggle is the creation in the Middle East of a new non-Arab entity. That would be a great revolution. The last time that happened was in 1948 with the miracle of the creation of the State of Israel, but since then, the Israeli Jews have known not one single day of serenity and peace. Alongside geopolitical reasons, that is probably the main explanation for the fact that only Israel voiced the support for the creation of a Kurdish state (Kurds and Jews fought together for a long time).

The Palestinians are not like the Kurds, they do not want their wished for state created alongside others, the Palestinians want their state replacing an existing one, the State of Israel. That is the meaning of the attack on Har Adar, a community which gave them jobs and welfare for a long time.

But if the Kurds, in their crucial moment of truth, have been abandoned by all the democracies except Israel (the US too opposed their vote), the Palestinian Arabs are excited to see the huge consensus they get in their war against Israel.