Those demanding mixed prayer at the Wall are those willing to cede it

Jewish leftists complain about a Wall they demand Israel give to the Arabs in any agreement.

Mark Langfan

OpEds בסוף נתניהו כן יביא פשרה. 'עזרת ישראל' בכותל המערבי
בסוף נתניהו כן יביא פשרה. 'עזרת ישראל' בכותל המערבי
Mark Langfan

Make no mistake.  This isn’t a local American-Israeli Jewish dispute over a section of the Western Wall or conversion rights.  This is an all-out assault on the security of the nation of Israel by Israeli and American leftists who want to destroy the Netanyahu right-of-center government and impose a two-state solution on the Jews of Israel. 

And, for full disclosure, I’m not an Orthodox Jew.  Nevertheless, the ultimate hypocrisy of these fulminating Jews is that the very same Jews who are outraged about protecting the “rights” of reform women donning tefillin at the Western Wall, are the exact same Jews who turn around and say Israel has to return to the 1967 lines, divide Jerusalem, and cede the Western Wall. 

One can expose any of these hypocrites for the charlatans they are with a simple demand.  Every person who self-righteously pontificates to you about how Israel should let Reform Jewish women pray at the Western Wall should demand these Jews make a “Unified Jerusalem” pledge in which they swear they will demand Israel have 100% full control over East Jerusalem.  If Israel demanded that American Reform and Conservative Rabbis declare a “Unified Jerusalem” pledge, the issue would die down in an instant. 

This American Jewish liberal community's noise about the Western Wall and conversion rights has nothing to do with praying at the Western Wall or conversion rights.  This is about American Jews extracting their pound of emotional flesh out of the nation of Israel they officiously claim to love.  This is about American leftist billionaires throwing their donations around as if Israel is a kept woman.  This is about American Jewish two-Staters who are hysterical because President Trump isn’t extorting Israel into 1967 Auschwitz borders.  

That is why these Jews now believe it is their right to bash Israel and try to weaken the Israel-American relationship any way and every way they can.  These very same American leftists would not say a word about the Wall if the Israeli government were retreating to the 1967 Green Line and giving up the Western Wall entirely.  But they protest vociferously a Jewish government keeping the Wall under the religious status quo that has worked for 50 years.

Where were these Jews from 1948 to 1967 when Jordan occupied East Jerusalem and destroyed over 25 synagogues and used gravestones to build latrines?  

These two-faced  American Jews should be exposed for what they are. They don’t care a hoot about the Western Wall, they only care about weakening Israel.