Video Art Essay for Jerusalem Day

A new art series called Zion Waltz in honor of Jerusalem Day in the Jubilee year of the reunification of the Holy City.

Dr. Inna Rogatchi

OpEds רבבות בתפילת יום ירושלים בכותל
רבבות בתפילת יום ירושלים בכותל

This musical video-essay was sent to Arutz Sheva by Dr. Inna Rogatchi . It features Michael Rogatchi's new ZION WALTZ original art series.  Michael Rogatchi created the ZION WALTZ series in 2015-2016 and dedicated it to the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem. The exhibition of the series and related works is planned for Israel in 2017-2018. 

The title work of the series, Zion Waltz is dedicated by the artist and his and his wife's dear friend Leonard Cohen. Cohen loved and owned Michael's other work on the same theme, Zion Waltz, created by the artist using a different technique. 

Some other works from this series belong to well-known European cultural public institutions, such as the Vilnius Public Jewish Library in Lithuania ( where the Michael's work Yiddishe Sun, Yiddish Son, is the only painting commissioned by the Library); and to notable private collections, including the ones of the famous modern composer Anatolijus Senderovas; world-known rabbinic figures, leading international political figures, diplomats and notable art-collectors.  

Lev Rakhlin, well-known theatre director who worked intensively in Israel has written on the Zion Waltz series:  " This series of Michael makes double-impact: one looks on it ever and ever again, and one also cries being moved beyond words by the talent and musicality of these works. From this canvases, the wisdom of a child which also is a wisdom of a great artist, sings to you straight into the heart" (  April 2017). 

Flor Marchese, the one of the leaders of the Jewish community of Peru shared her reaction to this series: " The Zion Waltz series works of Michael are simply amazing. His Jewish art never fails to inspire Jews all over the world" ( April 2017) 

Colonel Orly Gal, former IDF spoke-woman, CEO of Natal, the Israel Trauma Centre for Victims of Terror and War, commented on the series: "The Michael's new Zion Waltz series is truly wonderful. A big Mazal Tov to Michael for such important input into our history and heritage".  

More on Michael Rogatchi, his art and philanthropy: The Rogatchi Foundation -,  The Rogatchi Art Gallery -; and Rogatchi Films - 


Music: Classic "Hebrew Melody" composed in 1911 by Joseph Ahron is beautifully performed by famed violinist Itzhak Perlman accompanied by Samuel Sanders. Copyright for musical performance: Itzhak Perlman and Samuel Sanders (C).