Accusing Israel of "infanticide"

It's easy enough. Just equate purposeful knifing murders of Jewish children in their beds with the wartime unintended deaths of children kept in rocket launching areas by Hamas.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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The Islamic State, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ... the Israel Defense Forces. The Watchlist on Children in Armed Conflict, an association of NGOs that monitors childhood in armed conflicts, has asked the United Nations to add the Israeli army to the black list of those that affect children in war.

UN envoy for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui, last year already suggested including the Israeli army in the black list of those that cause harm to children along with Boko Haram and countries such as the Congo and the Central African Republic, infamous for their armies of children.

A year ago, then Secretary General Ban Ki-moon removed Israel from the list. But since showing moral clarity and decency was too much for the UN, he also elected to save Hamas, those terrorists who target Israeli children deliberately in the kindergartens and schools.

The inclusion of Israel on the list could result in sanctions. The idea that Israel is an “infanticide” state now has penetrated large segments of the Western public opinion. Professor Monika Schwarz-Friesel of Technical University of Berlin analyzed ten years of letters sent to the Council of Jews in Germany and the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. They contain statements such as this: “The murder of children fits your tradition”.

Baroness Ashton, as head of European foreign policy, compared the Jewish children killed in Toulouse to the Palestinian victims of wars in Gaza and used by Hamas as human shields.

At the Royal Court in London, director Caryl Churchill performed a play in which Israeli mothers tell the story of the Jewish State to their children: “Do not speak of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli army”, they repeat. The Swedish photographer Paul Hansen won the World Press Photo Award with the picture of a funeral of two Palestinian children. And during the last war in Gaza in the summer of 2014, The Independent and many other media portrayed Israel as Palestinian child killers.

How many Western journalists and writers would agree with the Tom Paulin’s verses about that “little Palestinian boy in trainers jeans and a white t-shirt gunned down by the Zionist SS”?

By creating this terrible false stereotype of Israel as the child killer, the world, the media and the institutions have been able to erase the real history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the children of Maalot and Sderot, the story of Sbarro’s pizzeria, the night at the Dolphinarium’s discoteque, the Fogels and the Hatuels. Does the world know their names as it does the fabricated story of Mohammed al Dura?