The real mother

The answer to the question of ownership of the Land of Israel has been answered without turning to the Bible, the UN or the Balfour Declaration in the conflagrations that rage across Israel.

Tzvi Fishman

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השריפה בחיפה

If anyone needs more proof that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews, here it is. Everyone knows the story of King Solomon and the two women who appeared before him with a baby. Each woman claimed that the child belonged to her. Solomon decreed that the baby be cut in half and divided between the two, and while one woman protested, the other woman was ready to have the baby sliced in half with a sword as long as the other woman didn't get him, and thus, clearly, wasn’t the child’s real mother.

So too with the fires raging all over Israel. What person would purposely burn his own land, its verdant mountains, woods, trees and stones, kill its helpless forest creatures? The Arabs who are setting fires across the country don’t have any qualms. Why should they? It isn’t their land. What do they care? They aren’t the real mother.  

A baby has one mother, not two. Just as France belongs to the French, and Spain to the Spanish, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. The idea that Arabs would be happy citizens in the Jewish State was a fallacy from its inception. They want the whole state, with their own language, holidays, and culture, and they want it judenrein.

Sharing the baby doesn’t work. No matter how much you suppress the violence, no matter how much economic incentive you offer, how much you see to equal opportunities, the Arabs in Israel will always want their own country. Haifa, the so-called city of “co-existence,” is the perfect example.

The Arab problem in Israel will not go away. The very existence of the Jewish State creates it. They will continue to use knives and guns, fires and bombs, to try to chase us from our Land.

It is either their Land or ours. Dividing the baby in half is not the solution. Nor will peace come by cutting off an arm here, a leg there. A neighboring "Palestinian" state is no solution either. Its residents will continue to try to reach the Mediterranean Sea by violent means, soon launching rockets and missiles as Hamas does from Gaza. 

It is time to lay down the law.  Every Arab, including those in the Knesset, who will not pledge allegiance to the State of Israel, should find another place to live. Those who want to live in peace within the Jewish State, are welcome as they have always been. Just note the number of Israeli Arab MKs, university students, doctors, nurses, lawyers, businessmen and every other field.

But for those who don’t like the way things are run in the State of Israel, then, by all means, there are fifteen Arab countries to choose from. Just leave our beloved baby alone.