Kill the deal not the men and women of our armed forces

Remove the target from the backs of our troops placed there by the architects of the Iran deal.

Stanley Zir

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President Obama, along with the original architect of the Iranian deal, Hillary Clinton, by returning $150 billion in forfeited assets to Iran, the epicenter of terrorism, has placed our military installations and troops around the world, directly in the cross hairs of Iran’s terrorist enterprise.These frozen funds which were originally confiscated from Iran for pasts acts of aggression against America, will be used by Iran to purchase weapons aimed at destroying American military installations and troops around the world and to spread international terror. 

In order to close this deal, Obama used the lives of our troops as collateral with the intention of preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist state, thereby placing a target directly on the backs of his own military. 

How are our veterans, who have taken a lifetime pledge of allegiance to the Constitution and obey orders issued by their Commander-in-Chief, supposed to continue to do so, when that same Commander has placed a bounty on those same troops? Then, upon their return to our country, he compounds the betrayal by reneging on promised healthcare and benefits to them which were promised upon enlistment. 

As veterans, we cannot allow this to happen. It is time to stand our ground, and do everything in our power to protect our heroic brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line around the world to protect our liberties. 

Our first President, George Washington stated that “The Constitution is the guideline I will never abandon.” It is the non-negotiable benchmark against which we measure every rule, every decision and every negotiation. 

This nation was born out of a resolve to protect the freedoms of the individual from the tyranny of the state. The Constitution, whose firm stance against tyranny is its rule of law, and was created to safeguard those indisputable freedoms at home, and from any who promote oppression amongst the nations. Our government is sworn and obligated to abide by our Constitution. 

Therefore, upholding the Constitution and its firm stance against any tyranny, government or enterprise that seeks to destroy our values, our democracy, or our "western ways" is a non-debatable issue. 

Stopping the Iranian Nuclear Threat by preventing the ultimate mass destructive weapon known to man from getting into the hands of a heinous, tyrannical nation such as Iran, that openly threatens to destroy America and her way of life, is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue; it's a Constitutional mandate. The deal does not do that either.

As veterans, we have one mission; that is to unite as an unstoppable force to protect the citizens of the United States and defend our Constitution by ensuring that this deal is declared null and void. 

The deal that Obama has secured for Iran will enable it to transform into a legitimate and universally recognized state. With the international community’s willingness to normalize relations with the radical Iranian theocracy once the deal was made, Iran is now on the verge of establishing a secured fail-safe nuclear terrorist state. 

President Obama seemed to forget his previously statement, “the best way to keep America safe is to keep nuclear weapons and materials away from terrorists." Allowing Iran to build and maintain nuclear plants is diametrically opposed to his 2002 declaration. 

In fact, what could he been have thinking when he teamed up with Russia to prevent Iran from reaching full nuclear capacity? Entrusting Russia to monitor Iran’s nuclear activity, when it is Russia who built Iran’s nuclear power plants in the first place and who continues to support Iran’s terrorist agenda in Syria, is like hiring the fox to watch the hen house. 

The lifelines of liberty are being cut throughout the world as America continues to empower Islamic fascists and secular barbarians, such as Iran. By sealing this deal, America has conceded victory instead of standing by her Constitution and its rule of law, whose stance against absolute power ensures the very freedoms we enjoy and of which these opposing nations embrace that deprive their own citizens. By losing our grip on our Constitution and all she stands for, we lose the soul of our nation. 

The fact is that our immediate focus must be on stopping Iran from becoming that legitimate nuclear terrorist enterprise. 

Once we have relinquished our primary role as defender of the free world, global tyranny will be the new guardian. At that point, can any of our allies or any nation for that matter, ever trust America again? 

By throwing up our hands and simply accepting this double-crossing deal, is as if Washington and his rag-tag militia shed their blood in vain. Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their honor and their fortunes to establish this great nation. Now, we must do the same. 

Join with us as we continue the fight against those who do not hold the Constitution as their beacon nor respect those who fight to respect it  

Post Script: Gene D. Simes OFFE national Chairman and retired decorated disabled marine of Operation Firing for Effect a Veteran’s Advocacy group together with Stanley Zirauthor, and founder of the campaign Scrap The Deal  stood together with disabled veteran Tom Pridell for 5 hours in the lobby of Trump Tower with hopes of getting a message to the Presidential candidate through his campaign staff. 

They met us and we presented our material yet their promise to get back to us never occurred.

Determined to relay the message to Trump how the Iranian Deal would adversely affect US troops, we returned to Trump Tower on November 1, this time with Gene attired in his Marine dress blues, except this time, we placed a large target on the back of his uniform. We were met by General Michael Flynn, Trump’s top military adviser and discussed the material written in the op-ed above  Mission accomplished.

Operation Firing for Effect
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