What is the West fighting for?

Meotti has become the intrepid and prescient seer of the vacuous West and most particularly, European society. We ignore him at our peril.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Gay pride march (illustration)
Gay pride march (illustration)
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What is the West fighting for?”

For a global charitable order?

For nightlife?

For alternative art?

For tourism?

For the pill of eternal life?

For equality?

For a greater male involvement in housework?

For what would the West fight? This question surfaces again and again.

It surfaces now that US presidential race has been turned by liberal mainstream into a pornographic and surreal discussion about Donald Trump’s sexual past.

US culture is now threatened by a dark vortex of political correctness which is humiliating to a mortal point.
It surfaces now that European politics is witnessing the most dramatic existential challenge in its history since the Second World War.

What is at stake here is the legitimacy of Western culture under threat from the aggression of feminization, the development of the rights of society, the Gay Pride credo, the teletherapy, the common man living  as if in a permanent amusement park.

US culture is now threatened by a dark vortex of political correctness which is humiliating to a mortal point. Europe, and France in particular, is busy these days in discussing a new ideology: genderism.

The French Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is “sorrowful” over the statement of Pope Francis, “superficial and unfounded,” who accused French textbooks of spreading the “indoctrination of gender theory”, which the Pope likened to a “world war”. This is a war to neutralize sexual differences, a form of neo-puritanism against heterosexual desire. Proponents of genderism are intoxicated with obsolescence of identity and with “sexual flexibility”. If you want to live in a just and equal world, you have first to deconstruct the gender order. Feminists and LGBT have a common enemy: the Western heterosexual man.

This is the spectacle of Western concept of a good conscience, which is the perfect and peaceful heir of the communist despotism: bureaucracy, exaltation of youth, dematerialization of thought, abolition of the critical spirit, obscene training of the masses, annihilation of history, kitsch appeal to sentiment against reason, hatred of the past, standardization of lifestyles.

It all happened quickly, very quickly.

European democracies, such as Germany last week, are living the Jihadist threat as an unacceptable disruption of Western celebrations. We want to resume our daily routine as soon as possible. Islamists believe they are attacking a civilization - its secularizing trends, seductive, desacralizing. But here it seems that there is no civilization.

This civilization we call “the West”, which seems to retain only the name, is incompatible with the most elementary human dignity and common sense. It is like during Constantinople’s siege in 1453. A legend tells that, just before the fall, the city was discussing the sex of angels. It is also here, before jihadists attack us. We are slaves of a sexual hegemony. That is the real meaning of the attacks on Mr. Trump.

After 9/11, Salman Rushdie wrote a list of the good Western things jihadists are attacking: the freedom of expression, the multiparty system, women’s rights, the miniskirt, the theory of evolution, kissing in public, bacon, the divergence of views, avant-garde fashion. Forget it. Forget the “Judeo-Christian West”, it has nothing to do with the West today, which is the terminal West.

What does the West have to offer to oppose Jihadists? The wrath of the rich and happy white man in bermuda shorts?