Throwing Israel to the Dogs

Who are the dogs? Packs of dogs can be extremely dangerous, particularly when there is a past history of their savaging a victim. The pack to which I refer is the "Quartet", which is gathering to close in on Israel. The "Quartet" is comprised of the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, the European Union and Russia. Let us examine some past history of these dogs in the savage pack.

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Who are the dogs? Packs of dogs can be extremely dangerous, particularly when there is a past history of their savaging a victim. The pack to which I refer is the "Quartet", which is gathering to close in on Israel. The "Quartet" is comprised of the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, the European Union and Russia.

Let us examine some past history of these dogs in the savage pack.

The United Nations, led now by Kofi Annan and driven by a large block of Arab nations, has voted against Israel 55,642 times and passed 429 resolutions against Israel. The Quartet are all members of the UN. So think of the UN, given its past record of extreme hostility to Israel and how it has artfully avoided passing resolutions against Arab states, like a savage pack of predatory dogs, proven, by their votes, to be "hunting" down the Jewish state. Israel, meanwhile, is the only nation permanently barred from UN Security Council membership.

Let us move to the European Union. Although their member nations belong to the UN, they operate as a separate pack. Their collective backgrounds vis-a-vis the Jewish people is hideous beyond description. These nations, led by Germany, France, England, etc., have unmercifully savaged the Jewish people for hundreds, even thousands, of years, driven by the anti-Jewish doctrine from the Church of Rome. This Church-taught hatred and unremitting persecution seemingly culminated when they assisted Hitler round up their own Jewish citizens or when they killed them directly. Regrettably, that hideous snarling face was hidden for a time, but now it has returned.

These European nations have not only exhibited their hatred through inhuman brutality, but now they seek to please the Arab/Muslim world and those Arab/Muslims who live in the European nations in numbers approaching a critical mass. The EU is a member in good standing of this monstrous cabal gathered up under the title of the "Quartet". The EU constantly hamstrings US policy in the Middle East. The EU, having shrugged off their participation in hunting and killing the Jews of Europe, have once again gathered as a pack to hunt the Jews of Israel.

The Russians also have a well documented history of oppressing their Jews. When the local poretz (local authority or landlord), or even the Czar, was not squeezing the Jewish community for bribes, they mounted frequent pogroms of killing, raping and burning Jews and their property. The Russian Church preached hatred to the peasantry, who, in their ignorance, poured out of the Church after fiery sermons to kill the Jews, whom their priests had accused of killing the their Jewish god. But the aristocracy, in league with the Church, had their own protection racket. They extracted money from the Jews, either as a straight threat or by loans that they would not repay.

Moving from the Czars up to and including Joseph Stalin?s time, the Jews were oppressed mercilessly - forced to live in the "Pale of Settlement", crowded into ghettos, murdered outright, as in the infamous Doctors? Plot massacre. Even after Stalin died, the Jews were persecuted for wanting to move to Israel by being sent to city prisons, the Gulag prison camps or to Siberia. Natan Sharansky, now a member of Knesset in Israel, can testify to the horrors of the Lubyanka prison. Ida Nudel, called the Angel of the Soviet Jewish prisoners, can tell you about the frozen Siberian camps. So the former Soviet Union and Russia?s past savagery has made it a perfect addition to the "Quartet" pack. Even today, Russia arms Syria, transfers nuclear technology to Iran and remains Saddam Hussein?s advocate.

Then we have the leader of the "Quartet", the American Secretary of State and the consistently anti-Israel State Department. Here, we run into a spectrum of confusion. America, her citizens and her congress have all been loyal friends and allies to Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, which shares the Judeo-Christian ethic with most Americans. The Arabist State Department does not share America?s fondness for the Jewish State. There are vested interests with tight financial connections to the Arab oil nations, like Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil states, who easily influence the US State Department. Often, when ambassadors? terms expire, they become highly paid lobbyists for Arab governments or multi-national corporations. These include, but are not limited to, the oil industry, the weapons industry and various other corporations that rely heavily upon the cash flow from contracts with the Arab nations, including those who are considered rogue terrorist states and sponsors of terrorism. This pack lobbies both the successive presidential administrations and the US State Department, in effect, representing the interests of the Arab/Muslim nations, which are hostile to the security and sovereignty of America and of Israel.

The U.S. State Department has a mixed, but clearly identifiable bias against the Jewish state, even before the partition vote of 1947. It worked diligently for the Arabs to thwart the UN vote. After Palestine was partitioned into a Jewish and Arab state, the US State Department continued using its considerable powers to undercut the newborn Jewish state of Israel, while also making every effort to advance the Arab/Muslim cause against Israel.

The State Department was motivated by many factors. There was the long-term bias against Jews. This bias stemmed both from early attitudes of anti-Semitism among its personnel, often driven by the missionaries who were recruited in the early years to serve as outreach ambassadors for US policy in nations where they had contacts with those governments. These missionaries cycled back into the main body of what became the State Department, there to further spread the teachings of the Church, namely that the Jews had killed their selected Jewish god. The US State Department is deeply anti-Semitic and has never made any effort to expunge their bias against the Jews.

The Quartet?s "Road Map" flagrantly undermines President Bush?s fundamental policy declaration of June 24, 2002. The president stipulated that the United States would not support a Palestinian State unless "new leaders not compromised by terror engage in a sustained fight against the terrorists and dismantle their infrastructure." But the Quartet would further reward terrorism by compelling Israel to destroy almost 200 Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, thus dismantling its early warning system and ceding the heart of Biblical Israel to an implacable foe.

Once again, the beasts have gathered under the title: the ?Quartet?. I have no doubt the action of the "Quartet" will be marked in history as a parallel to the Inquisition, the Russian pogroms, the Nazi Holocaust (with European participation), the Arab Council (or whatever name is given to savage dog packs who snarl and fight to chew the flesh of their non-Muslim victims - including Christians and Jews). This is the "Quartet", which has anointed themselves as the next persecutors of the Jewish nation.

?How can America support a ?Road Map? that would (A) make a mockery of their war against terrorism by rewarding terrorism with statehood, undermining U.S. credibility world-wide; (B) betray America?s commitment to human rights; (C) after the religious cleansing of Bethlehem, Beit Jallah and Ramallah, further threaten the future of Christians in the region; (D) expose the Hashemite Jordan to a Palestinian take-over; (E) encourage intransigence from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and other Terrorist states??(1)

It is most unfortunate that this issue of Israel?s future security, shape and sovereignty must be dealt with now, when the war against Iraq needs unity. Colin Powell is leading the effort to get support of the recalcitrant states such as France and Germany. However, to strive to secure Israel?s future now is not to be unsupportive of America?s goals in the war against global terrorism. On the contrary, to stand fast for Israel?s wholeness will only further strengthen that war.

My deepest concern is that newly re-elected Prime Minister Ariel Sharon believes he can offer revisions to the "Road Map" that will be accepted by the Quartet. If the Quartet subverted the terms stated by President Bush in June 2002, Sharon can expect that, once he is pushed into the arena, as Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was in Madrid in 1991, Sharon will be told to do what the Quartet demands. He could refuse to be the proverbial bull in the corrida (bull-ring). Sadly, Jewish leaders always think they can overcome the tremendous external pressures - especially if exerted by our best friend and ally, the United States.

We in the Judeo-Christian world are in a fight for our lives with Islam. Please demand of the American President and Congress that Israel, one of our staunchest allies and front line fighters, not be sacrificed in an effort to appease Arab terrorists.

1. From the "Declaration of Conscience by Christian & Jewish Friends of Israel", publicized by the Zionist House and the National Unity Coalition for Israel, February 2003.
Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator with the Gamla and Freeman organizations.