Deport them

Let's get rid of them and their leaders. Now.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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Clearly, no rational voice would ask for an entire population to be removed. But this is no time to be rational.

Look to the Wisdom of Solomon to find: “A time to love and a time to hate.”

Along with our sorrow at the murder of a 13-year Israeli girl at the hands of yet another fanatical Palestinian Arab named after their prophet, can we at least be allowed the comfort of anger – I mean howling through the roof anger at the barbarity and the injustice of it all?

Will the world give us this much?

Be certain that Israel will take no such action, for reasons too obvious to mention except to note that Israel is a nation of laws, that’s one reason.

Tolerance and justice for all is another reason.

Everywhere they go they cause bloodshed. Yesterday, Turkey. Before that, Orlando.
More than a million and a half Arabs reside in Israel as full-fledged citizens. (Surely plenty of good among them, we must be quick to say.)

So forget deportation except for the fact that at this hour of outrage, we turn to our impulses, and this is the first reflex – get them the hell out of here!

But to where? Who wants them? Everywhere they go they cause bloodshed. Yesterday, Turkey. Before that, Orlando.

Do you need me to list all the places where they’ve gone to commit murder? Every airport is now walled up to keep them as far away as possible.

No place is safe.

But there was no wall in Kiryat Arba, where they came for Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, a beautiful Israeli teen sleeping in her bed.

That is where the killer found her, and knifed her to death.

Yes, the killer has been identified as Mohammed Nasser Tarayra. But it is also time to identify Mahmoud Abbas. Let’s remember where he was last week. He was in Europe speaking to the EU Parliament where for an hour he spewed hatred against the Jewish State – and provoked the kind of incitement that led to Kiryat Arba.

Let us also identify the EU leaders who rather than scorn and rebuke Mahmoud Abbas, instead gave him a standing ovation and kissed his ring.

How much blood is on their hands!

Shouldn’t this man…at least this man be deported…along with his crew of Fatah gangsters?

Let us also identify The New York Times where in today’s paper it cheers Canada for welcoming Syrian migrants with a helping hand and a smiley face, yet can find no headline to tell what really happened in Kiryat Arba – and perhaps it is better that the paper stay out of this because somehow Israel will be placed at fault.

Surely there will be talk about “the occupation.” Who is occupying Turkey? Who occupied San Bernardino? Who occupied Fort Hood?

Who occupied the Twin Towers in New York except for 3,000 innocents busy at work?

In his powerful essay on Kiryat Arba, Ari Soffer addresses American Jews for our failures to be there for our Israeli brothers and sisters – so let’s identify American Jewish author Michael Chabon who made news around the world by declaring “the occupation” as “the most grievous injustice I have seen in my life.”

Not satisfied with that, and in company with “Breaking the Silence,” he’s gathered around him a group of likeminded writers to keep up the bashing.

How much blood is on his hands and when will “Breaking the Silence” be identified?

The burial has been done for the girl who had more than 100 years still to live. The grieving continues.

So does the indignation. This is no time to love your neighbor, when your neighbor is a killer from a confederacy of savages.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic newsroom thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: