The Hamas leader who is reshaping US public opinion against Israel 

There is one man behind the founding of anti-Israel organizations on campus.

Lee Kaplan

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The Web is now referring the public to an “academic report” that came out from the Hamas front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations in the US), and UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Studies that discusses “Islamophobia “ in the United States. The report identifies 33 specific  non-profits in the U.S. that have been allegedly responsible for “attacks” against the Muslim population that are being done “unfairly.”  Pro-Israel and pro-U.S. groups and individuals on the list fired back, mostly at CAIR, but neglected to mention the ultimate source for the bogus academic work report. While one critic of the report described it as “so far-out, steeped in campus Marxist radicalism and Critical Theory jargon, that it must be read to be believed,” even he failed to note that the pseudo-academic report was produced by an Arab UC Berkeley lecturer from the Department of Near East Studies at Cal who knows how to use the rhetoric of the student revolutionary to perfection.

His name is Hatem Bazian and he is a Hamas apparatchik on the faculty at UC Berkeley who uses California and US tax dollars to finance his jihad against Israel and the United States right  from the Bay area campus. Bazian, has used the California educational system  since his undergraduate days as a leader of the Palestinian movement at his alma mater, San Francisco State University, called the General Union of Palestinian Students, or the GUPS for short.

The GUPS is an official terrorist sponsoring group in Gaza and in Europe as well.  Bazian took the GUPS as a model and created the Students for Justice in Palestine  (SJP) movement that has spread to campuses throughout the US and Canada, working to indoctrinate public opinion against Israel in the upcoming generations of students, including Jews.

While many groups discuss the campus situation in the United States regarding anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish and Israeli students across America and Canada,  few address the main source of all this, a man who could be dubbed the Yasser Arafat wannabe of the academic circuit and who once even called for an “Intifada” in America. 

The PLO and later Hamas, thanks to Bazian, has a campaign modeled after the Rico violations that were used by gangsters during prohibition to develop trade in liquor and prostitution across state line by using the American college system. The most frightening thing about this is the possibility that this has been promoted with the help of the U.S. State Department to spread the idee fixe of creating a Palestinian state at any cost, even aiding a campaign designed to change American public opinion against Israel, once deemed unchangeable.

The recent inclusion in the Democratic Party platform of a call for “Palestinian rights”  as a provision for the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict now places the Democratic Party in the hands of Hamas terrorists. The wording is vague enough to not mention those “rights” include a Palestinian “right of return” that declares any Arab who claims he had ancestors who lost property or lived in pre-1948 Israel had the inalienable right to go live on the very same spot his deceased relatives lived on in 1948 to flood the Jewish state with Muslim Arabs and displace the Jews.

Cornel West, another pseudo-academic radical with a professorial position at Princeton, gave a speech in which he declared gleefully that “no longer will AIPAC (the Jews) have control of America.”  West, like Bazian is not an true academic but rather an activist who uses his activism to pose as a scholar in a campus milieu is increasingly lacking in academic substance these days. Relying on race baiting and political correctness, West gained his position supporting the likes of the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan.

Bazian, like his east coast ally, is the source for the Marxist jargon in the new CAIR report. CAIR probably provided the leg work and statistical information in the report by copying the activities of the Jewish Anti-Defamation league while  Bazian, ever the radical revolutionary posing as an academician, then took it, wrapped it in gift wrapping, with the name of UC Berkeley on it through his Center for Race and Gender Studies (started by guess who?  Hatem Bazian, of course!). Giving the appearance of academic credibility (not to mention funding from the taxpayers), Bazian and his buddies at CAIR can thus try to sound credible and promote their revolution to the student body and general public.

As mentioned, Bazian, of Palestinian descent, was the head of the General Union of Palestinian Students at San Francisco State University as an undergraduate. The student union at SFSU was once ruled by the Black Panthers on campus through direct actions and thuggery, but they were later displaced by the GUPS as campus black leadership graduated and moved on. One of the Panthers and GUPS acolytes, who, like Bazian, was active in student government  back then is now an imam Malik Ali who is featured frequently at UC Irvine calling unflinchingly for the extermination of all Jews and Israel.

Bazian was student body president on that campus as well as a leader of the GUPS. To this day, one can see a mural on the side of the Student Union building with a tribute to the late Edward Said, another  pseudo- intellectual of alleged Palestinian descent (though his family came from Egypt and emigrated to America in his childhood). Said was an English professor, an expert on Jane Austen, but authored a book, Orientalism, that maintained that the Middle East could only be understood and written about by Arabs, and that Western academic scholars only wrote about Middle Eastern culture from a “white colonialist perspective”. Said became the darling of the Arab intelligentsia as well as the hard Left because of his book.

A Star of David dripping with blood was also painted on the mural on the state sponsored SFSU campus. The campus administration eventually had that removed due to its open anti-Semitism.

Bazian developed his base at SFSU and then matriculated as a graduate student at UC Berkeley where he earned a PhD. Students for Justice in Palestine, which he founded, became the model for founding SJP chapters on campuses across the US.

Bazian knew how campuses across the US furnished student clubs and groups like his GUPS at SFSU with funding earmarked for “student activities,” money intended to promote the educational experience. At Palestine Solidarity Conferences every year, Arab students were told how they could fund their movement against Israel by starting such clubs and getting funding from Student Activities. This opened up taxpayer funding for such groups, even at private colleges that gave them development money.

Whereas campus clubs might exist to promote skiing, debating  or martial arts in the past, they now were politicized to advance the Palestinian revolution and Arab nationalism spouting Marxist rhetoric based on the PFLP’s  and later Hamas’ ideas. Arab students were encouraged to get elected to student governing boards where they could further control allocations to groups like the SJP. Bazian ,since 2000, also created an outside  group, American Muslims for Palestine, based in Washington D.C. which the Investigative Project on Terrorism has explained is a front group for Hamas. AMP  today is involved in funding SJP groups on campuses, and provides such groups with advice.

Where is the outrage that a group of terrorists is utilizing America’s educational system to destroy a democratic ally like Israel under the nose of  college administrations? 
Bazian, through Arab friends on the faculty, managed to garner a position for himself as a lecturer in the Near Eastern Studies Department at Cal. From there, he even managed to get himself listed as an adjunct professor in Berkeley’s prestigious Boalt Hall School of Law as a supposed expert on Islamic Law. Bazian was not an imam, not an expert on Islamic jurisprudence, but nevertheless was given the law school position, although he was later removed for unknown reasons from the faculty, possibly because he was an academic fraud. One outgrowth of Bazian’s tenure  at Boalt was the creation of the Law Students for Justice in Palestine inside the law school with a taxpayer funded personal office and a mission statement that explains the law students’ club is to serve as a legal arm to protect the undergraduate SJP on campus whenever  possible. 

Bazian, however, did retain his position as a lecturer on the University’s staff where he later founded UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Studies, a department that enjoys taxpayer funding and almost exclusively deals with “Islamophobia,” functioning as a propaganda movement against Western attempts to stop the Jihad in America and to promote the goals in the Hamas charter, especially against the existence of Israel and for the annihilation of  World Jewry.

Where is the outrage that a group of terrorists is utilizing America’s educational system to destroy a democratic ally like Israel under the nose of  college administrations? 

Bazian has made UC Berkeley his bully pulpit.  He hosts “Islamophobia” conferences almost monthly there in conjunction with his Center for Race and Gender Studies that devoted most of its activities to promoting theories about Islamophobia. It also helps provide Bazian with a bigger piggy bank to promote Hamas goals while drawing a salary from the state.  

I have attended the last few conferences put on by Bazian usually using the law school’s name as a sponsor to lend an aura of academic scholarship to the event. At each event Bazian allowed presentations of fabricated tales of attacks on Muslims to be presented as true scholarly research, one presentation even admitting, after it was in process, that the professor was not real and that the Muslim student facing Islamophobia was not real nor was the college tnat was claimed to have done him wrong. This alone should have gotten Bazian booted off campus.

Israel is losing in the propaganda war in the United States as Bazian and his ilk continue to grow on more and more American campuses.  

This is the educational situation today in America where radical activists can claim academic status, then go on to indoctrinate future generations to support the worldwide jihad against Israel, the little Satan, and ultimately the American  big Satan.  Hatem Bazian is playing a major role at this and it’s up to the American taxpayer to start to take the UC Berkeley administration to task. Not to do this is to turn the American academy into another Birzeit University, in Samaria, where Hamas and Fatah run as political parties within student government and present competing  boasts based on how many Jews each group has killed.