Tel Aviv's mayor prefers rockets to bullets

It certainly seems as though Ron Huldai prefers rockets to bullets, because rockets are what Tel Aviv would get if a Palestinian State were established in Judea and Samaria.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

It’s simple physics.  From the "West Bank,"  Katyusha Rockets can fly just as easily over the “security fence” into Tel Aviv as Katyushas can fly from Gaza into Sderot or Ashkelon.  There is no magical or scientific difference between the air over 1967 Gaza Green Line and the air over the 1967 "West Bank" Green Line. 

And, were any Israeli Government to allow the terror-imbued Jew-hating Palestinian Arabs to create a "West Bank" state, the same Katyusha rockets that now fly into Israel from Gaza would fly from the "West Bank" and smash Tel Aviv to pieces along with 70% of Israel's Jewish population. 

Therefore, the Mayor of Tel Aviv who blamed Israel’s failure to create a PA State as the reason Palestinian Arab terrorists are murdering Tel Aviv Israelis must be really confused.  Because, by now, only someone who is deranged or a messianic “Peace” cultist does not realize that  a
In 2017, which is a far cry technologically from 1967, the Palestinians would immediately see any IDF mobilization, and let loose chemical rocket salvos into the heart of Tel Aviv.
Palestinian ‘demilitarized’ State would soon have Palestinian Arabs aiming Katyusha rockets at Tel Aviv, instead of bullets from machine guns. Does the Mayor of Tel Aviv want the Palestinians to murder his citizens by the hundreds with rockets, instead of by single digits with machine guns?

First, the only difference between rockets from the 'West Bank' as opposed to rockets from Gaza is that they can have chemical weapons like the G-type Sarin, and VX nerve gases.  Yes, Katyushas carry chemical weapons. And the Palestinians will threaten that if there is an Israeli mobilization to re-invade they will let loose massive salvos of chemical-tipped Katyushas.  If they have a state in 2017, a far cry technologically from 1967, the Palestinian Arabs would immediately see any IDF mobilization, and let loose chemical rocket salvos into the heart of Tel Aviv, fatally crippling any IDF mobilization.

Second, if Palestinian terrorists are now willing to risk their lives on suicide missions, they certainly will be willing to take less of a risk and fire rockets from the 'West Bank.'  In fact, the Gaza terrorists now fire rockets from houses of people they hate, so that Israel will destroy innocent Palestinian civilians when it retaliates.  The "West Bank" Palestinians, too, will fire rockets from houses of Palestinians who don’t want to be part of terrorism.

Third, a Palestinian Arab State will open its doors for all the Palestinian terrorists in the world along with millions of Palestinian “refugees.” At the present time, in 2016, there isn’t enough water or jobs for the "West Bank" Palestinian Arabs because they want to commit terror and pollute the water more than they want to create a viable economy.  With a state, there will be even less water and jobs when an extra million or two Palestinian Arabss are “welcomed” into it.  Instead of today's jobless, thirsty, terror-obsessed Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria, there will be 4 million jobless, thirstier, terror-obsessed Palestinian Arabs from whom Hamas or ISIS will easily enlist many more willing suicidal terrorists. 

Not only will Israel suffer terrorism from a PA State, Israel will have to employ hundreds of thousands of "West Bank" Palestinians, or be blamed by the UN for “collective punishment.”  Israel is the only country in the world that is attacked by the United Nations for “collective punishment” when Israel doesn’t want to employ Palestinian Arabs who are sworn to eradicate Israel. 

Would America have a legal obligation to allow Mexicans to enter the United States to work if the Mexican terrorists were killing Americans?  Of course not.  The world only asks Israel to commit insane and suicidal acts.  The Palestinians want to have an “Independent State” to destroy Israel, and the absolute right to work in Israel, the country they want to destroy.  It’s the not the dog biting the hand that feeds it.  It’s the dog murdering the hand that feeds it.

Let’s understand 4 murdered Israelis, and 10 wounded in terms of the American population.  The United States is 50 times as large as Israel.  So, a Palestinian terror attack that murders 4 Israelis is equal to a terror attack against America that murders 50 times 4, or 200 Americans.  Imagine Mexican terrorists murdering 200 Americans and then demanding they have to right to work in America.  Insanity. 

But then again, the world treats Israel as though the world is complicit in the desire to murder the country and the  various pronouncements fit their modus operandi.

Fourth, get ready for a "West Bank" Palestinian State to ask the United Nations to deploy “peace-keepers” to defend itself along the so-called borders, the 1967 Green Line.  Blue-helmeted UN Peacekeepers won’t stop the Palestinian rockets from flying over the 1967 West Bank Green Line, but they will stop any Israeli attempt to enterthe region after a rocket attack into Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion Airport.

The Mayor of Tel Aviv is delusional, as are many Tel Avivians who think a retreat to the 1967 Green Line will bring peace.  We need to stay the course and educate everyone we can before the lunatics take over the asylum.