Transfer - A Humane Solution - Part II

First, Jews (about 850,000) got thrown out of all Arabs states. But Arabs remain in Israel and they riot and demand "their" share of the Land. It gets repeated again and again. By the time of the next riot, the history of the previous one is forgotten.

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How Does The Plot Get Implemented?

Through simple ingenious process. First, Jews (about 850,000) got thrown out of all Arabs states. But Arabs remain in Israel and they riot and demand "their" share of the Land. It gets repeated again and again. By the time of the next riot, the history of the previous one is forgotten.

It is hard to believe, but even the current meaning of the term "Palestinian people" is a recent invention. Before World War II it was Jews who were called Palestinians.

There is a perception that if Palestinian Arabs had their own state, they would quiet down and become peaceful. Yet, the example of neighboring Arab countries doesn't provide any grounds for such hope. In the beginning of the 20th Century, most Arab countries were created (actually, they got divided between tribal leaders - really warlords - as a reward for helping the Atlantic coalition). Now empowered by their statehood, these warlords got engaged in wars among themselves, which have lasted until our own day. Some of these countries are only kept out of trouble by various Western support systems and peace missions.

When Iraqis invaded Kuwait, they presented themselves as fighters against Israeli aggression. In reality, Saddam Hussein is after the Kuwaiti and Saudi oil, to be able to dominate the world. He is using hatred of Israel as a banner under which to unite the Arabs (of course, they don't only discriminate against Jews, but rather against all national minorities, and their own women). This is a common practice for bullies. To win the support, they pretend to stand for a cause, and usually against some selected outcasts.

Is There a Way out of this Cycle?

It has become obvious now that Arabs and Jews have to be separated, but it has yet to be recognized that common sense dictates removing Arabs from Jewish Land.

Were there successful precedents for such a population transfer? Here is just one of them:

Dr. Fridtjof Nansen of Norway, then head of the League of Nations' High Commission for Refugees, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. That year, at the request of the Greek government and with the approval of the League of Nations, Nansen tried to solve the problem of the Greek refugees who poured into their native land from their homes in Asia Minor after the Greek army had been defeated by the Turks. Nansen arranged an exchange of about 1,250,000 Greeks living on Turkish soil for about 500,000 Turks living in Greece, with appropriate indemnification and provisions for giving them the opportunity for a new start in life. Prior to this population transfer, each minority group was a source of conflict. Today, Greece and Turkey maintain peaceful diplomatic relations. One of his many accomplishments, Dr. Nansen received the Nobel Peace Prize for his transfer solution.

Transfer would save lives and improve quality of life. All the money spent on the military conflict and bottomless pit of refugee camps would be better spent on the establishment of decent living conditions within the vast Arab lands, that are often as desolate as Palestine once was, before the return of the Jews.

Why Would Arabs Agree to Accept the Palestinians?

Keep in mind that Arabs have 500 times more land area than Israel. One of the Arab countries, Jordan, already considers itself a Palestinian state. As King Hussein put it in 1981: "The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan." Another state, Saudi Arabia, has a severe shortage of workers. Besides, Saudi Arabia can only defend itself against its greedy neighbors with the help of the Western world. As a token of gratitude, it may want to display some good will and accept the Palestinians. A third Arab state, Iraq, has plenty of empty land and soon may not be in a position to refuse any transfer arrangement.

Somehow, the modern world sees transfer as inhumane and inappropriate; however, whatever individual changes will be imposed by transfer, they will fade in comparison with the current inhumane situation and the most of dramatic changes - the ongoing loss of life.

Fortunately, the leadership of the Israeli Labor party doesn't consider such an approach inhumane, because it's exactly what they plan to do with Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza - transfer them from their homes to inside the 1967 ?Green Line?.

If it's humane enough for Jews, it also has to be humane for Arabs.

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Tamara Tatarinov-Levin writes from Framingham, Massachusetts.