Even we didn't imagine it would be this bad

One is hard put to digest the recent exposure and admission of leftist amoral and treasonous behavior.

Douglas Altabef

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Douglas Albatef

When just a few weeks ago, Im Tirtzu launched its now famous video calling out four of the most conspicuously vocal and well funded anti-Zionist NGOs, we hoped that it would lead to a serious consideration of the toxic impact that these groups and their relationship to foreign governments  were having on Israeli society, as well as Israel’s global standing.

Now, in a short period of time, what was thought to be provocative, and even inciteful by its detractors, is now looking prescient, and, dare I say it, mild.

A week ago the incredibly brave people of Ad Kan released video footage of radical leftist Ezra Nawi gloating over his policy of posing as a land dealer, and then turning over real Palestinian land dealers to the Palestinian Security Forces, where they would, as a certainty, be marked for torture and death for the heinous and unspeakable crime of selling land to Jews.

One of his main partners in crime turns out to be a senior activist at B’tselem, one of the "human rights" organizations called out by Im Tirtzu.

Then, this week, we are told that recently de-classified and released e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s State Department email server contain numerous suggestions from her top advisors as to strategies to surreptitiously foment Arab anger against the IDF and the “occupation,” using not only exclusively Palestinian women (the men would be too emotionally unpredictable.), but also NGOs because they would deflect attention away from US governmental involvement.

Anyone looking for the nexus between government funding and the activity of anti-Zionist groups has just been treated to the proverbial smoking gun, thanks to Clinton advisor and former US diplomat Thomas Pickering. The NGOs protect the puppet master governments, and provide legitimacy because of their homegrown status.

Finally, in what is probably the most shocking revelation of all, Alon Liel, former Director General of the Israel Foreign Ministry and long time Israeli diplomat, has revealed himself to be, what we could call in my native Bronx, a traitor. Just exactly that. A traitor.

Recordings capture Liel conspiring with Breaking the Silence, another Im Tirtzu target, to figure out a way to get Israel banned from international soccer and to basically be completely de-legitimized using the previous model of South Africa.

He is also recorded as strategizing as to how the PA could win a UN Security Council vote naming Palestine as a State, suggesting that Abbas should cry on the phone to Security Council members in order to get their vote.

By the way, Liel’s wife, Rachel is a Director of the New Israel Fund. Again, the wisdom of the Bronx: you can’t make this stuff up.

What is going on here? There is something so toxic, so hateful that it cannot be reasonably ascribed to anything normative in the political realm. This is not about human rights, this is not about implementing a two state solution, nor advocating for policies not held by the current Israeli government.

This is about hatred. Hatred of Israel, of the right of Jews to be sovereign in their own land, and in some cases, for sure, hatred of oneself.

This is about a moral compass that has been thrown out the window, replaced by a Machiavellian willingness to do anything – murder included – to achieve one’s goals.

While in some distorted minds, the ends justify the means, in the workings of the increasingly loony Left, the means and the ends are both justified, indeed sanctified with a desire to destroy Israel.

It is hard to imagine what constructive agenda these people actually think they are furthering. Does advocating for Israel to be a pariah actually further the cause of peace? Can anyone seriously consider whether this is the Radical Leftists’ motive at all, even if it were a realistic agenda, as opposed to the death of Israel by a thousand cuts?

There are hundreds of thousands of citizens of Israel who believe that Israel should be doing things differently in terms of Judea and Samaria, and in terms of the PA and Gaza. These patriotic citizens of Israel need to rise up and decry, disown and disassociate themselves from the radicals who have grabbed the mantle of the Left, scorching the earth beneath them.

In a remarkably short period of time, a picture has emerged of an enraged Radical Left that will stop at nothing to get their way. Their means are criminal, and their ends are truly destructive to the State of Israel, Zionism and ultimately, the Jewish People.

Enough is enough. They must be stopped.