Facebook crime

The San Bernardino terrorists may change the way Facebook deals with incitement. If the press stops hating Trump instead of doing its job.

Mark Langfan

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מארק צוקרברג
Mark Langfan
True story.  One recent morning, I called my very-well-informed, best-friend George, and asked him, “Guess who threatened ISIS with nukes?”  To which he immediately replied “Trump!!”  I had to repeat myself three times telling him it was Vladimir Putin before he digested that it was Putin, not Trump who had threatened to nuke ISIS.

Almost nobody had heard of it because the mainstream press only reports on Trump and attacks Trump.  For the record it was, in fact, Putin who after launching submarine-based cruise missiles at the Syrian rebels said that those cruise missiles could be easily “equipped either with conventional or special nuclear warheads.” He went on to say, “I hope we will never need [nuclear weapons].” 

The point is the press won’t really report an actual nuke-use threat of a world-leader who possesses the largest-stockpile of nukes and who is active in military operations against the Syrian rebels, but the press attacks Trump if he so much as breathes.  The more the mainstream-press and mainstream-Republicans hate Trump, the more I love him. 

President Obama single-handedly, in absolute violation of the US Constitution, waved his hand and “legalized” 11 million illegal aliens in addition to the large number of Islamic terrorists already here in the United States as illegal aliens.  And remember, once a person is “legalized,” his immediate family and closely-connected family is also effectively legalized.  So, that’s not 11 million, that’s 100 million.  Does the mainstream-press go wild and demand the impeachment of Obama?  Of course not.  But, if Trump says we should “keep a list” of the Syrian refugees, OMG, “Trump is a racist!” “Trump is a police state!” 

Enlighten me, how is “keeping a list of Syrian refugees” unconstitutional?  Doesn’t the government have to keep a record of the list of the countries of origin of “asylum” refugees granted entry into the US?  

Then, the hysteria over Trump’s “Muslim entry ban.”  Did anyone say it was unconstitutional to ban non-US citizen Germans from entering the United States during World War 2?  No!  Didn’t France’s President Hollande say we “are at war” with ISIS?  Aren’t the Islamo-terrorists infiltrating the Muslim refugees? 

I have just written a non politically correct sentence: “Islamo-terrorists infiltrating Muslim refugees.”  Why is that so terrible?  Because Obama will call me a “Racist,” and “disqualify” me as a citizen.  I mean, after all, in the wake of Trump’s urging a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US while we “get a handle on the problem,” Obama’s mouth-piece announced that “What Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president.” 

If Obama can call to “disqualify” Trump for peacefully speaking his mind, soon, Obama will “disqualify” anybody for saying anything.

But then, Trump went over the edge, even for me.  Trump demanded, “Facebook has to be forced to disclose Islamic terrorist-type postings.”  Outrageous, Racist, Islamophobic, Unconstitutional, bad-for-Facebook-business!   But actually, Trump didn’t say that Facebook has to disclose those planning domestic terrorist attacks on Facebook.  It was actually ultra-liberal Democrat Senator Feinstein who introduced a bill into the United States Senate that would require social media companies to report “knowledge of any terrorist activity.”   
Maybe Obama should “disqualify” Sen. Feinstein as a US Senator.  But then, CBS just reported that “Facebook tells CNBC it identified and removed suspect Tashfeen Malik's profile for violating its standards, is cooperating with law enforcement.”  In other words, before the California terrorists attacked, Facebook had enough information on Malik to terminate her Facebook account for “violating its standards,” but Facebook didn’t report Malik’s terrorist rantings because of privacy concerns. 

And Facebook’s Zuckerberg came out against Trump for the Muslim ban idea.  So, Facebook and Zuckerberg could have informed on Malik and averted the terrorist massacre, but instead Zuckerberg attacked Trump.   Zuckerberg and his terrorist-hiding Facebook have the San Bernardino victims' blood on their hands.

The more anti-PC gets, the more I love Donald Trump.