Beit El is as vital to Israel as Israel is to the world

In honor of the Beit El Institutions annual dinner this week.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva, Beit El's epaper, is the today's shofar of Israel warning people of coming dangers. And dangers there are.

Three years ago I was honored by Beit El for my maps and articles defending Israel.  For that event, I wrote a short article explaining Beit El, and Israel’s importance to Western Civilization. On Sunday, my dad and I are again being honored by Beit El.  However since 2012, with the advent of the Islamic State, Beit El’s and Israel’s role in defending Western civilization from the barbaric hordes of Muslims who want nothing less than the annihilation of the Western World has become more apparent and more urgent.  The following article was published about 3 years ago:

Good evening Everyone,

I want to send my love and thanks to my dad, William K. Langfan, and my mom, may she rest in peace in heaven, from whom I have derived my inspiration, love of Israel, and love for justice. My father has probably had over several hundred letters to the editor published. Also, I want to shout out a thank you to my editor Rochel Sylvetsky at Arutz Sheva.

But, time is short, so I want to hit 4 quick points.

First in today's Washington Post the headline reads "The Tunnels between Gaza and Egypt are Back in Business since the Ceasefire." Just like in World War II, where the Nazis warned us they would murder 6 million Jews on Kristallnacht, today, the Muslims Nazis are warning us with rockets and shattering the glass of Sderot and Ashkelon.

Second, to understand the looming danger to the Jewish people, you have to look at the top page of my graphic which shows the relative sizes and ranges of the rockets. There's the size of a man on the side, so you can get an easy intuitive feel for it. The key is that the kassams and katyushas/grads are relatively small and easy to smuggle into and then fire from schools, mosques, and populated areas.

The Arab terrorists are firing these rockets at Jewish populations inside of Israel for one and only one reason: because they are Jewish.

Third, anybody who tells you a "demilitarized Palestinian state" protects Israeli security is lying to you, because the Palestinian Arab terrorists can and will smuggle these same rockets into the "West Bank"s supposed demilitarized state and fire them into the Tel Aviv/Netanya corridor, which holds 70 percent of Israel's population.

To give you an idea, if the rockets from Gaza today are like firing into North Dakota where there are almost no people, from a "West Bank" state, firing rockets would be like al-Qaeda firing from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Absolute devastation. And katyushas can carry chemical weapons.

Fourth, fortunately, today, unlike the 1940's where the 6 million Jews held no strategic value to the western powers and Russia, today Israel holds a strategic seam line between east and west, between Islam and NATO.

My maps show that without Israel as the strategic tip of the West's spear, for an appetizer, the 800,000 Christians of Cyprus would be wiped out by the 170 million Muslims that are surrounding them in Egypt, Turkey, and Hizbullah in Lebanon. And then, the Muslim caliphate tsunami will lap up to the Greek shores and make Sandy look dandy in comparison.

These four points show why I love Beit El. Beit El is as vital to Israel as Israel is vital to the world.

Time is short so I can't explain all the unbelievable things Beit El represents. But, I'll give you one. Arutz Sheva, Beit El's epaper, is today's shofar of Israel warning people of the coming dangers. Please - everyone should read Arutz Sheva every day.

Thank you Beit El, and thank you Am Yisrael for my Shomer Israel award.

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