Islamist-Zombies have snatched the brains of Western leaders

We are living through an actual horror movie from hell from which there is no waking up, and from which we cannot escape.

Mark Langfan,

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Looking at what is going on in the world, one gets the eerie feeling that we are living an ugly genetic-cross between a Zombie Horror flic and a Body-Snatched horror-sci-fi film.  Muslim Islamist-Zombies are murdering non-Muslims and Muslims as if they are in a zombie trance.  And, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry act as though Muslims murdering the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, Jews, and pretty much everybody else really isn’t a big deal, and actually has a “rationale.” 

It seems the Islamist-Zombies are not just “at the gates,” but that a brain-snatched President Obama is purposefully holding the gates open so they can flood in. We are living through an actual horror movie from hell from which there is no waking up, and from which we cannot escape.

First, why call these Islamist-murderers “terrorists.”  Even with terrorists in movies there is some negotiation.  These monsters are not out for negotiation, they are out to rampage, to maraud, and to bath themselves in others’ blood.  Ask yourself a simple question: Watching the frenzied Islamist-murderers stab Israelis and spew bullets into a crowded French concert halls and cafes, are these murderers like the calculating terrorists of movies like Die-Hard or are these rampaging crazies like the zombies from movies like Night of the Living Dead?  The answer is self-evident.
For seven years, Obama has so pandered to these Muslims and validated their ideals that he has whetted their appetite for more blood.  Obama’s actions have insured that would-be Islamist-Zombies are falling over themselves to kill more people. They are frenzied Zombies that are out to murder and murder and murder until there’s no one left.

Watching Obama talk. it looks as though he is telling us that we’re crazy for making a big deal out of these blood-thirsty killers.  For one thing, Obama and Kerry and all the other brain-snatched Obama-Regime officials in a trance-like comatose tone exhort us to believe this has nothing to do with Islam or the Muslim religion.  They don’t stop trying to get us to believe that somehow, by our publically admitting that these Islamist-Zombies are Muslims we are “insulting all Muslims.”  Obama is telling normal law-abiding people who are afraid of them that normal people are the actual bad guys and racists.  It’s not just an Avengers’ movie in which President Obama has been brain-snatched and sees good as evil, and evil as good.  It is a movie where the lunatics have the keys to the asylum, letting the crazies go so they can murder people, and imprisoning the sane people who should be protected.

To make matters worse, Obama drones on and on and tries to brain-snatch the sane world to believe that “Islam is a religion of peace.”  Did Mohammad preach “turn the other cheek”? or did Islam scorn forcibly converting people like Judaism does?  No, in fact Mohammad in his own day did exactly what the Islamic State is doing now, he went on Holy Wars of rampage to take over land and convert people to his religion. 

Islamic State and Islamist Zombies who are shedding torrents of blood are actually a modern-day incarnation of exactly what Mohammad did to the world, and exactly what the Muslim religion proscribes. Islamic State is following in the very footsteps of Mohammad.  How can they not be “Muslims” if they are doing  precisely what the historical Mohammad did to others?  Yet, Obama and Kerry tell us the Islamist-Zombies and Islamic State have nothing to do with the Mohammad’s Muslim religion.  And they have the keys to the asylum.

We have to stop calling Obama “incompetent” and “naïve”!    Obama is neither incompetent nor naïve; he’s diabolical.   Obama knows that and is trying to intellectually twist right into wrong and wrong into right.  He is knowingly attacking the common sense necessity of stopping the flood of Muslim-Zombified mass-murderers into this country, and morphing it into a racist xenophobia. 
We have to start describing things as they are.  The Islamists are practicing true Islam as Mohammad preached and practiced it.  The modern-day version of Islam has turned into a zombie producing death cult religion.  And, President Obama is a highly intelligent person who is protecting the Islamist zombies at all costs and must be exposed and criticized non-stop.  Otherwise, there will come a point where the brain-snatched politicians of this country are the majority of this country.  And then, there will be nowhere to hide.