Fiamma Nirenstein's Appointment is Good for Italy, not just Israel

Only a failing newspaper like Haaretz would claim that Jewish leaders in Italy are against this ardent and eloquent Zionist's appointment as Israel's ambassador to that country.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler

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Prof. Phyllis Chesler
Joan Roth

Perhaps some Italian left-wingers feel that Nirenstein is a "traitor" of sorts ever since she left them so long ago. So many of us have made this journey...
Now, more than ever, Israel needs a strong voice to represent its interests abroad. Who on earth could possibly be better as Israel's next Ambassador to Italy than Fiamma Nirenstein? She is beyond perfect.

Some would have us think otherwise. Do not believe them.

Nirenstein, a former Italian Parliamentarian and once President of Jewish Parliamentarians internationally, is also  the author of ten books in Italian on Israel, the Middle East, and anti-Semitism. She understands the danger of radical Islam and Jihad. And, she is very much wanted and needed as Israel's Ambassador to Italy.

Since Prime Minister Netanyahu recently announced her appointment, Nirenstein has received hundreds, perhaps thousands of letters of support from Italians, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

In an interview, Italian journalist, author and Arutz Sheva columnist, Giulio Meotti told me:

"Fiamma Nirenstein is a great personality to be appointed next Israel's ambassador in Rome. She will be able to advance Israel's reasons (sic) in Europe and Italy, especially now that the Jewish State is boycotted and delegitimized. I don't believe she was rejected by Rome's chief rabbi, it is a story fabricated by leftist media to downplay her".

Only a failing left-wing press in Israel (Haaretz of course) would claim that certain Italian Jewish leaders do not want Nirenstein because the fact that she is seen as a "right-winger," and as someone favored by Netanyahu, will make their lives more difficult.

(With left-wingers, it is always about them).

In my opinion, given the toxic defamation campaign against Israel and against Western civilization, only a "right-winger" aka a clear-eyed realist, someone with a vested interest in survival, can properly represent the Jewish state, the only stable, modern, democracy in a region that has fast descended into unending, bloody, chaos. Only someone like Nirenstein, who understands the extraordinary danger posed by Islamic terrorism, particularly by Hamas and Iran, could possibly be of use to both Italy and Israel.

To the extent to which Italy's current government is a "left-wing" one, then, more than ever, Israel needs a strong, unapologetic, defender of the Jewish state as opposed to a politically correct Court Jew--a left winger who might trade in Blood Libels to gain small favor; who might overly focus on Israel's imperfections as a way of allowing Europe to avoid attention to the colossal evil of Islamist barbarians and tyrants who are, even as I write, torturing and murdering Christians, Muslims, and Yazidis--and who have genocidal intentions towards the Jewish state.

Haaretz's Barak Ravid bases his article entirely on "unnamed sources" who claimed that the president of Rome's Jewish community, Ruth Dureghello, and Rome's chief rabbi, Ricardo Di Segni, in a private meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, asked Rivlin to "intervene" lest Nirenstein's appointment "have a negative impact on ties between Israel's government and the Italian government, which is controlled by the left wing."

Presumably, these "unnamed sources" fear that the charge of "dual loyalty" will be leveled both against Italian Jews and against Nirenstein herself since she holds dual Italian-Israeli citizenship. (Nirenstein will have to give up her Italian citizenship in order to represent Israel as Ambassador).

Nirenstein speaks eloquent Italian and equally eloquent Hebrew. She has defended Israel in the Italian media and around the world. Based on an unnamed source of my own in Israel's Foreign Office, Nirenstein's appointment is "intelligent, even brilliant--and she will have a full year to prepare for the job."

Israel's current Ambassador to Italy is Naor Gilon. He is expected to complete his term.

Perhaps Netanyahu's announcement was a bit premature--it seems to have unsettled some "unnamed sources." But so what?

Perhaps some Italian left-wingers feel that Nirenstein is a "traitor" of sorts ever since she left them so long ago. So many of us have made this journey: the late Oriana Fallaci, the late Christopher Hitchens immediately come to mind. But we all came to understand that the progressive and social justice ideals that initially drew us left-ward, would never be accomplished by totalitarian ideologues and regimes which do not value freedom, the rule of law, or individual rights; fully believe that the ends justify the means; and do not hesitate to slaughter hundreds of millions for The Cause.

Today, Europe, including Italy, is facing a refugee and immigrant disaster of monumental proportions. This is due, in part, to America and Europe's failure to understand that if they do not deal with a hostile, Jihad-oriented Islam in the Middle East and central Asia, that either its victims or their persecutors would soon either invade Europe--or seek refuge there.

Nirenstein understands this particular danger all too well because she is familiar with the Islamic terrorist forces which surround Israel. These forces increasingly surround Europe. Thus, as Ambassador, although it may take Italy and the left a long time to realize it, she is going to prove quite useful to both Israel and Italy.