The Islamic World Sees that Violence Works Against Jews

The Beit El destruction did not occur in a vacuum. The Islamic world is watching.

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Giulio Meotti

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Beit El's latest disaster follows Gush Katif, Sa-Nur, Amona, Beit Hashalom, Migron, the hilltop destructions and more. 

The same script everywhere: the same policemen attacking other Jews, the same Defense Ministry calling for "restraint", the same PM then ordering permits to build more units, the same leftist and arrogant MKs dribbling for an intra-Jewish war, the same High Court siding with Muslim lies. 

A Jewish State should not demolish Jewish houses in the place named for where Jacob had the vision of the ladder.
And the same terrible mistakes. A Jewish State should not demolish Jewish houses in the place named for where Jacob had the vision of the ladder. A Jewish army should not be used to deport the most brave Jews. A Jewish Supreme Court should not abandon its most idealistic citizens.

We should have seen a massive protest in Beit El and IDF soldiers refusing to obey orders but forming a chain to protect those buildings. 

These days, one year after the war in Gaza and a horrible nuclear deal with Iran, it seems that Israeli MK's, Mossad officials, Israeli journalists and writers, the Shin Bet and the IDF commanders are more interested in destroying two buildings in Beit El than in stopping the Iranian nuclear facilities. How brave they are to use force against the Jews and not against those who throw stones at pregnant Jewish drivers. 

But more generally, what we saw in Beit El sent a very clear subliminal message to the Islamic world. When the Arab Muslims see another Jewish capitulation in Beit El, they have great reasons to doubt the entire Zionist project. 

Let's only hope the Jewish people next time will refuse to be subjugated to lies and hate. And the biggest lie is the idea of having stolen the land from the Arabs. Every inch of that land is not part of the Islamic umma, it is Eretz Israel. Period. 

Meanwhile, a tragic event happened last night and a Palestinian Arab toddler died after arsonists set his house ablaze. The world, the entire political spectrum and the media immediately condemned the terrible attack. A month ago, Malachi Rosenfeld, a young Jew returning from a basketball game, was murdered by Hamas in the same area. About his killing, there was only silence - or understanding. Another reason the Islamic world sees that violence works against Jews.