Are We Going Towards a Post-Israel Middle East?

Are we witnessing the second career of Adolph Hitler?

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Giulio Meotti

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For 2,000 years, following the annihilation of Jerusalem by the Romans, the Jewish people lived in exile from its holy places, while keeping its religion, language, and customs alive in an unparalleled act of collective memory. No other people in history has experienced so much suffering, or devoted so much energy to remembering.

And when, in the XX century, the greatest of all disasters wiped out the Jews of Europe, the world seemed to undergo a brief fit of remorse. The United Nations voted overwhelmingly to recognize the State of Israel as a homeland in which the Jews could at last protect themselves and to return to their holy places. But as we know, anti-Semitic hate began to rise again, now directed at Israel and its Jewish residents.

When today the siren sounds on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, all Israelis stop wherever they are, like statues of sorrow, because the Israelis know that they are the continuation of the Jewry that was cut off in Europe. They are linked by an invisibile, magnetic chain that explains to the world why Israel exists. It is no accident that the siren is the same one that warns Jews to take shelter in case of missile attacks. Where a suicide bomber struck during the Oslo War, the Israeli victims were arranged near the burned-out carcass of the bus. They were placed in black bags, to which were attached a Polaroid photo, a report, and a card with a number.

Like the number assigned to other Jews by the Nazis, who tattooed it on their arms. History always repeats itself.

Now the remorse is over and the world is preparing to accept “a post-Israel Middle East”. A few months ago, Herman Heinsbroek, who served as the
It was European civilization that died during the Holocaust, swallowing up all of the Jewish communities in its own nothingness.
Netherlands’ minister of economic affairs in 2002, said that world peace would be achievable if Israel’s population was forced to move to the United States. This perfectly sums up the world’s dominant feeling about Israel.

Israel is a tiny country—a jet can fly from one end to the other in two minutes. It can be destroyed. That is why the “blame Israel” approach to Middle Eastern politics is now the semi-official attitude of the European Union. This is why Obama abandoned Israel to its enemies. This is why the United Nations’ bodies are trying to incriminate the Israeli Jews for “war crimes”. They are preparing the ground for the ultimate charter in Jewish history.

We are also seeing the same feeble-minded appeasement that allowed anti-Semitism to triumph in Europe under Hitler. There were 16 million Jews in the world before Nazism; now there are 13 million. We are still in the process of recovering from that catastrophe. They rightly called it “the Final Solution of the Jewish Question”.

However, the extinction of European Judaism took place amid the disappearance of European culture. It was European civilization that died during the Holocaust, swallowing up all of the Jewish communities in its own nothingness.

This is the second career of Adolf Hitler: the Hitlerian cancer has been extirpated over and over by surgeons so thorough that they got rid not only of the tumor, which was very necessary, but of all the vital functions as well. The patient is alive, but he is dead. He has no heart, no brain, no stomach, no nerve, no sex, no pride, no reaction of any sort. Today, Europe’s only passion is hate for Israel.

Today in the West we see the same faulty and failed conscience as we evidenced during the Holocaust: indifference to the parade of Palestinians putting on explosive belts, the daily demonization inflicted on Jews in the Islamic world, the crowds delirious over the lynching of three young Jewish “settlers” in Gush Etzion.

The birth of Israel is the only political event worthy of joy, hope, and gratitude in a century that became a slaughterhouse to hundreds of millions of human beings, because Israel and those 13 million Jews who insist on living in this world despite the gas chambers and the terrorism are the essence of liberty. Let us hope the West will awake to its duty toward the Jews, whose vigil down the centuries has been an example to us all.

Israel is in danger.