Iran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil Supply

Iran is much more dangerous than Hitler ever was. Here's why.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Comparing the danger Iran poses to the Judeo-Christian and Sunni Worlds with those dangers that existed from 1939 due to Hitler may sound good, but is in reality an optimistic delusion.  Iran’s current danger to the free world is exponentially greater than any threat Hitler ever posed, even after he occupied France in 1940. 

It looks like Obama will either allow total nuclear concessions to Iran so as to render any “agreement” a meaningless paperweight, or will let Iran do anything it wants anyway without any “agreement.”  Either way, Iran is getting a nuclear arsenal in the medium-term.  In order to understand how bad the situation really is we should compare Iran’s threat to Hitler’s threats.

First, Hitler didn’t have nukes.  If Hitler had had nukes, he would have wiped out London and Eisenhower’s entire invading army of over 2,000,000 allied troops waiting to cross the English Channel in June-August of 1944 without so much as blinking.  Iran will use a nuclear bomb against anyone as surely and unhesitatingly as Hitler would have used a nuke against Stalin’s Moscow before the Red Army ever crossed in Germany. 

And Iran will have dozens of nukes spread everywhere throughout their far-flung country, so they will always be able to deliver a nuke to an American City somehow.  

Second, Hitler didn’t have any domestic oil supply, and Iran has a huge oil supply.  And, what’s worse, with a nuclear bomb, Iran will seek to wipe out the Saudi Sunnis and acquire the entire “Black Gold Triangle” that straddles the Mesopotamian Delta running from the head-waters in Turkey into the Persian Gulf.  Unlike Hitler who had no real world conventional economic leverage, Iran will possess an infinite conventional leverage. 

The Iranian sanctions have been virtually worthless in the face of waivers given various countries that need Iran’s oil.  With the Saudi/Sunni side of the Black Gold Triangle, Iran will control 56% of the world’s oil.   And, as such, Iran will be able to dictate terms to China, Japan, and India so as to evade any sanctions from Iran’s attack and occupation of Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf states.  There won’t be an OPEC any longer because Iran will control enough oil and gas reserves itself to be an Iran-Pec monopoly in, and of, itself.

Third, unlike Hitler’s Germany, Iran is protected by huge 4,000 meter high mountains around Iran’s entire current geographic perimeter.   Oil-rich Iran will have a nuclear counter-attack inside a ring of impenetrable mountains.  With Iran possessing nukes, the defeat and actual physical occupation of Iran by conventional forces - as the Allies succeeded in doing against Hitler - is incomprehensible.  

Imagine for the moment if Saddam Hussein had had nukes when he invaded Kuwait?  In the face of Saddam’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait, would President Bush (the First) ever have deployed the 500,000 U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia within range of a nuclear missile?  Of course not!  If Iran occupies Saudi Arabia and is armed with nuclear weapons, forget any conventional retaking of Saudi Arabia by the United States or anybody else for that matter.

Fourth, Hitler didn’t control a world-wide fanatical religion, while Iran will.  With Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf States, Iran will be able to bankrupt Sunni Islam and “buy” the Islamic world into becoming Shiite.  Imagine all the “Saudi/Sunni” petro-dollars now funding mosques all over the world disappearing overnight, and being replaced by Iranian Shiite ready-funds because Iran now controls all the Sunni oil fields?  Iran will turn the native base of Muslim Sunnis into Muslim Shiites within a couple of years.  The “Sunni” Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t seem to understand that if they bring down Egypt and Saudi Arabia, they and the Sunnis won’t be empowered.  Instead, the Muslim Brotherhood will have enabled the Shiite Iranians to sweep through all the Eastern Saudi oil fields, and decimate the entire petro-dollar economic base of Sunni Islam.

Finally, and the worst of all:  the secular Hitler and the Nazis were never a “religion” which possessed “protection under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”  Hitler only claimed “A Thousand Year-Reich” not the end-of-days Hidden Twelfth Iman.  Imagine anyone calling anti-Nazis “Hitlerphobes” or “Naziphobes.” The Oxford English dictionary defines “Phobia” as “An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.”  But why, if Iran has openly called to wipe Israel off the face of the map, and calls for “Death to America”, is fear of a nuclear-armed Iran “Irrational”?  

Under the false cloak of protection of the “Shiite religion,” Iran is engaging in political and actual military wars that would make Hitler jealous. Maybe Hitler’s big "mistake" was that he didn’t call Nazism a “religion.”  

The root of the current Islamic evil and danger is that its political forces and actions are “protected” under the shield of “religion.”  After all, Obama has told us, ad nauseam, “Islam is a religion of peace, we are not at war with Islam.”  Yes, Islam practiced within the confines of a mosque is, and should be, protected.  But if the Islam becomes a political banner under which it projects military power and enforces its Shiite Islam against anyone including other Muslims, then, it must lose all “religious” constitutional protection as if it were a secular Hitler Panzer-group. 

If Islam, or any sect of Islam, walks like a Hitler, kills like a Hitler, and destroys like a Hitler, it’s a Hitler no matter what “g-d” it claims to hail from.  The Islamic religion can’t murder other people based on its religion, only then to be granted constitutional protection because it claims itself to be a “religion.”

Let's face it. The current Iranian threshold nuclear weapons’ state threat to the free world is infinitely more dangerous than any threat ever posed by Hitler and his Nazis even in Hitler’s “Finest Hour."