Illegal Infiltrators Flourish Where Israeli Citizens Fear to Tread

The illegals have received "good" advice from anti-Israel NGO's and are profiting from it, while Israeli citizens in South Tel Aviv homes are victimized.

May Golan

OpEds מסתננים מאפריקה. ארכיון
מסתננים מאפריקה. ארכיון

What does it take for the Prime MInister of Israel to call an urgent meeting and demand a 56m. shekel emergency fund? Not Obama's nuclear deal threatening our Israeli children's futures, not Saudi bombing of babies in Yemen, or even Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition – but an illegal infiltrator's baby who died because his parents left him in an unlicensed slum day care center, supposedly monitored by left wing NGOs.

Ironically, these same left wing NGO’s are the recipients of this 56M shekels windfall, supposedly to provide infiltrators' children with more dedicated schools and childcare facilities in South Tel Aviv. This is on top of hundreds of millions already given to these irresponsible NGOs by the Government and the Tel Aviv Municipality!

The NGO’s insist that these women are persecuted in Eritrea, but the refugee claim is a bluff – they are here as baby makers for profit.
These are the same NGO’s, who with their extremist network of lawyers, have assisted and advised the African infiltrators in manipulating the Israeli laws in order to keep them here.

Their latest trend has been to encourage illegal infiltrators to have children in Israel, resulting in thousands of births every year. One of the resulting social consequences of this advice is a 55m. shekel deficit at Ichilov hospital due to the high Eritrean birth rate. Not only are hospitals losing money by providing free medical care for infiltrators, but the Government is also paying the illegals maternity benefits – further encouraging them to stay and enjoy all the financial benefits that only a western democratic country is stupid enough to provide.

Today it’s hard not to see Eritrean women who aren’t pregnant and carrying little kids on their backs, or pushing a stroller – sometimes all three! These women are young girls no older than 23, all brought to Israel in the last two years  in order to marry an illegal infiltrator and birth as many children as possible.

The NGO’s insist that these women are persecuted in Eritrea, but the refugee claim is a bluff – they are here as baby makers for profit.

These women and their new husbands all work in Israel – all earn money, and all chose where to put their children in day care. No one told them to leave their kids in the so-called (NGO sponsored) “Child Warehouses” as the leftist media likes to call them! No Israeli citizen gets free help with child care until the age of three – so why should illegal infiltrators?

But still, our prime minister decided to give 56 million shekels and pass it through, even before out government was established, confirming it by a phone call to members of the Knesset.

And I ask myself: When an 83-year-old South Tel Aviv woman was brutally raped and sodomized for 3.5 hours by a 20-year-old Eritrean, was any such urgent meeting called by the Prime Minister of Israel?

When a 65-year-old woman was battered to death by a Sudanese man in South Tel Aviv, was there a budget to help her daughter and granddaughter who were left traumatized, alone and with nowhere to live?

When the Israeli residents of these neighborhoods have been crying for 7 long years for someone to hear them and save them from  the hell that has been forced upon them, did anyone in the Government make a single phone call to pass an urgent law to immediately help them?

The answer is NO!

I can’t help but wonder what stands behind all of this. As of today, Denmark, Norway, Spain and even England have declared what we’ve been saying for a long time – the Eritrean people are not in danger and can return to their country!  Our current Minister of Interior Gilad Erdan also knows that and is trying to pass a law - approved by the Attorney General -  to finally send those illegal infiltrators back to their country or to a third safe country.

But, for some reason, our Prime Minister is not willing to finally put us out of our misery and instead is splashing even more money to sponsor the infiltrators and encourage them to have more children so as to further establish their base here in Israel!

Our Prime Minister is doing exactly what the extremist left wing parties and NGO’s were hoping for - one step closer to their dream – to open the borders and replace the Jewish character of Israel with a non Jewish immigrant population!

Why are you giving them a further 56m. shekels, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu?

Do you have surplus cash that we don’t know about because you have solved all of Israel’s social issues? No child poverty? No more sick people who need medications that they can’t afford? No more soldiers who can’t support their families so they have to stand in line to wait for food packages? No more holocaust survivors who can’t live in dignity? No more single mothers who can’t sustain their children…?

I’m not advocating not caring about the thousands of children that are being born here every year to illegal infiltrators (at the expense of the tax payer), but continuing to support them at a level above our own citizens and beyond the laws of the land? Why?

Haven’t the infiltrators cost us enough already? In money, in pain, in life…? Or is that just not a part of the equation…?