Northern Attack and Media-Induced Mass Israeli Insomnia

The media were wrong about where the attack took place. And we should be worried about that fact.

David Bedein,

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David Bedein
credit David Michael Cohen
The attack which took place on Wednesday morning in which two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven injured occurred on a normal Israeli road in northern Israel where thousands of vehicles travel every day.

It happens that the two vehicles that were hit held Israeli soldiers. They didn't have to be.

Since when is the IDF expected to protect vehicles on a normal civilian road inside Israel, even if it is not far from the border?
If you live in Israel and follow the five Israel radio Hebrew news stations, as I do, you would have heard each Israeli news station conjecture that the Syrians attacked a road leading to the northern Israeli army post  at Har Dov. 

The frequent comments on all five Israeli radio news networks also mentioned , in anger, that the vehicles did not have heavy armored protection to shield them from missile attacks. This was denied by the IDF. But that is not the point.

Since my two sons were stationed at Har Dov during their mandatory service, and  since I have guided reporters who cover the area, I know that it is  understood norm that the IDF does protect the IDF base at Har Dov and that the IDF does protect vehicles on the immediate access road to the IDF base. However, the IDF has never had a reason to do so for the vehicles on the "Northern Road" that all citizens of northern Israel use, including the Druze villagers of northern Israel. 

Since when is the IDF expected to protect vehicles on a normal civilian road inside Israel, even if it is not far from the border?

Thanks to the repeated misleading news reports in Israel, the people of Israel are blithely going on under the impression that the Syrians fired their sophisticated anti tank weapons at an access road leading to an IDF army base, and the blame must therefore be with the IDF for not protecting the vehicles of the IDF soldiers.

To make matters worse, The Israel Broadcasting Authority Military correspondent chimed in all day that "neither side wants an escalation in fighting." Therefore, one would infer that this must be an isolated incident

Since when does the IBA have a correspondent who interviews officials in Teheran, Damascus or Beirut to confirm an assessment that the other side really "does not want escalation"? 

Bottom line: Syria or Hezbollah,  or both,fostered a  precedent on January 28, 2015.

They blew up a vehicle traveling on a normal Israeli road and got away with it. 

At the same time, official Israeli media induced the people of Israel into a state of mass insomnia.

I am sure that the vast majority of people in Israel will be allowed to draw the conclusion, at the funeral for the two young IDF soldiers, that the Syrians launched an attack near their IDF army base. 

The reality in otherwise.