Doesn't Labor Know PA Rockets Could Destroy Tel Aviv?

Leftist American JStreet and PeaceNow Jews are willing to give millions to any Israel politician who says, “Two states for two peoples.”

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan

US President Barack Obama knows without a doubt  that Palestinians terrorists will smuggle katyusha rockets into a "West Bank Palestinian demilitarized state", and it must be clear to him and those in his circle, that terrorists will fire them into the heart of the densely inhabited Tel Aviv Metro-plex with 4,000,000 Jewish Israelis. 

We also know that “Jane’s Defense,” the weapons Bible, establishes that these katyushas can easily carry sarin chemical weaponized gas.  This is the gas with which the Shi’ite Bashar Assad mass-murdered Sunni Muslims within Syria.  

Surely Labor MK Bar-Lev and Labor Chairman MK Isaac Herzog know as much as Obama and realize that a Palestinian state will eradicate 6,000,000 Israeli Jews with Katyusha rockets. But both Bar-Lev and Herzog still want to retreat from Samarian Mountains and create a rocket state in the West Bank.

The reasons that Israeli leftist MKs want to enable the Palestinian Arabs to annihilate Israel, the Jewish state, is a complex one.  But, to give you an example of a small part of the reasons, just listen to former PM Olmert on tape.

Mazal Mualem, a left-of-center, journalist just wrote:

“Like a seasoned criminal, Olmert is heard ostensibly disrupting legal proceedings by asking his former secretary not to testify, and allegedly pays her hush money."

“What is in there? In one package, there was the cash,” asks Zaken in one of the exchanges, and Olmert answers, “There were two bills. … That’s 25,000, 25,000 shekels [about $6,000 dollars]. And there was another $25,000. This week I am supposed to receive 125,000 [shekels?], and I’ll transfer part of it in cash.”” 

Where did Olmert likely get all this hidden money?  Leftist American JStreet and PeaceNow Jews are willing to give millions to any Israel politician who says, “Two states for two peoples.”  It’s sick, but wealthy Leftist American Jews are at the center of funding all the anti-Israel NGOs, Peace Now, and J Street, and all the suicidal leftist Israeli politicians.

But, back to the current Rocket-State enablers, Bar-Lev and Herzog.

Col. Omer MK Bar-Lev is a pedigreed military man who was the very “military architect” of the original “Oslo Accords.”  In the early 1990s, Bar-Lev served as a member of the IDF's negotiations with the Palestinians that led to the May 1994 Gaza-Jericho agreement. Twenty years later, now, MK Bar-Lev of Labor will even tell you (the New York Times, and any American leftist with money) that, as starting point, Israel should unilaterally retreat from 60% of Judea and Samaria, especially the areas of Western Samaria right next to Tel Aviv. 

The New York Times reported in 2013 that MK. Bar-Lev, and I quote, “. . . calls for Israel to unilaterally define its own borders to ensure its security. MK Bar-Lev, a new Parliament member from Israel’s opposition Labor Party, would keep control of all of Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley and bequeath about 60 percent of the West Bank to the Palestinians, evacuating 35,000 Jewish settlers — less than 10 percent of the total.” 

In 2013, 15,000 rockets were fired from Gaza since Bar Lev “professionally” helped design the “military security” of the Gaza-Jericho retreat as a “military man.”  Nevertheless, this Israeli Leftist “Colonel” military-expert wants to, now, unilaterally pull 35,000 settlers out of Western Samaria, and give it to Hamas.  And, MK Bar-Lev is a Knesset member?  MK Bar-Lev is Labor’s “security expert”?  having a “military/security expert” like Bar-Lev makes playing Russian roulette with a 2-chamber gun seems like a good deal.  At least, you have a 50-50 shot at not getting killed!

And how about Isaac Herzog, Labor’s Chairman?  Herzog, under the “military advice” of Omer Bar-Lev (above), wants to retreat from Samaria with “Iron-clad guarantees.”  

Again, I quote from an Oct. 1, 2014, report, (that’s just a little over a month ago, after the 2014 Gaza War) that “During a panel discussion on Channel 2 News, Opposition and Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog was asked to explain exactly what he expects of Netanyahu in his (Herzog’s) repeated demands that the Prime Minister continue to advance the peace process."

Herzog acknowledged that all previous surrender of land had only resulted in more terrorism, but nevertheless insisted that Netanyahu announce additional withdrawals backed by “iron clad guarantees.”

Herzog failed to elaborate, or to address the fact that the 2005 Gaza pullout was supposedly backed by “iron clad guarantees” that failed to prevent Hamas’ violent takeover or subsequent assaults on southern Israel.”

Bar-Lev is attempting a military-fraud on the people of Israel.  

Who is funding these two Labor Party MK's?  Most likely, the same American leftist Jews that financed Olmert.  The answer to why these current Israeli Knesset members and ministers are pushing a two-state-solution that they know will bring Israel’s destruction may well be that the same American Jewish leftist millionaires and billionaires who financed Olmert are likely financing this generation’s gaggle of leftist Israeli suicidal politicians.

In the wake of a Herzog/BarLev withdrawal of Israel from Judea and Samaria, the only “iron-clad” guarantee that Israel could rely on would be Iran’s “Iran-clad” guarantee to arm the region with the same katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles they gave Gaza.