Jews, Don't Let the Terrorists Run Your Lives

Running away is not a solution.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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I am very sad. Because a little beautiful Israeli child named Daniel Tregerman has been killed by mortars. He froze in fear when the siren sounded. His legs were too short to get to the shelter on time.

During the Holocaust, over a million Jewish children were gassed for the same reason Daniel Tregerman was killed.
During the Holocaust, over a million Jewish children were gassed for the same reason he was killed.

I grieve for the two killed at Kibbutz Nirim on Tuesday.

But I am sad also because his parents decided to abandon their house and not to return to their kibbutz along Gaza’s border.

I do hope they will repopulate the security belt which protect the entire State of Israel.

It is a symbolic war being fought in Gaza, with portent for the fate of the Jewish people and state.

If nobody lives in Tregerman's house again it will be another victory for the Islamist scum who murdered their child.

Instead if the house is enjoyed by the same or another family, then the message will be that terrorists can kill Jews, but they won’t ever be rid of them.

It is a shame when the Defense Minister and Chief of Staff cannot visit the Jewish communities along the border due to “security reasons”, fearing they would draw Hamas fire at the communities. It reminds me of when Ariel Sharon refused to visit Gush Katif during the “disengagement”. Although the difference is clear, the message the public received is not.

When did the south become expendable? Will the 50,000 Israelis living in kibbutzim and moshavim near the border move to Shenkin and become part of the “élite”?

It is dangerous to let terrorists govern where Jews must live and how they are to live. It means handing those jackals and hyenas a victory they haven’t earned on the battlefield.

I have a request for the cabinet members: spend two days in the south with your children. Learn from the brave and unique people of Itamar, Samaria. A new family moved in the house where the Fogels have been slaughtered.

Jews of Israel: don’t let terrorists run your lives.

The world is just waiting for you to disappear. You have no other place than Israel. Please fight for every inch of Jewish land. It's yours.