An Open Letter to the Jew-haters

Jew-haters confirm Goebbel's observation: When you tell a lie a thousand times you start believing it yourself.

Dr. Avi Perry

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תקיפה בדרום. ארכיון

Dear Anti-Semite,

I am always amazed by the line that Jew-haters make use of when faced with a pushback. “Isn’t it sad today when Jewish critics write about Israel the content of their concerns are dismissed, a priori, and answered by an endless spew of personal attacks on their character?” Problem with this complaint is that criticism is legitimate as long as it is truth-based, but when you center your venting on lies, distortions, out of context activities, quotes from other anti-Semites and other self-hating Jews as if they represent ultimate wisdom rather than a deep bias, then you are no longer a critic; you are a liar. You have confirmed Joseph Goebbels’s observation that “when you tell a lie a thousand times you start believing it yourself.”

On the False Accusation of Apartheid

How could you say, write and publish the big lie claiming that Israel is mirroring that South African racist regime? You should know better. You may know about South Africa, but you either do not know Israel, or you are blinded by your hostility. And of course, the same reasoning applies to those South Africans who refer to Israel as an apartheid state.

Once you make a genuine attempt to dig and ascertain, you'll learn that Israeli Arabs are represented in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, by their
The fact that many people hate and condemn Israel does not make it right.
brothers. They speak their minds; some criticize the state, yell, and curse the "Zionists" while delivering their hostile message to the public over the official pulpit. It's their right, and they use it.

Does that bear a resemblance to the apartheid state of South Africa? Can Israeli Arabs even enjoy the same level of freedom in any of the Arab countries?

Israeli Arabs vote freely in the general elections, teach, study and rally at Israeli universities, represent their Jewish and Arab Israeli clients in courts, serve as judges on the Supreme Court; Israeli Arabs, doctors and nurses, provide medical services to Jews and Arabs in Israeli hospitals; some serve as managers in Israeli companies, overseeing Jewish citizens. In short, they are involved in everyday life to the same degree as their Jewish counterparts.   

Does that bear a resemblance to the apartheid state of South Africa?

Palestinian children—one-thousand from Gaza and two-thousand from the West Bank, the so-called Palestinian territories, a.k.a. Israel's enemy territories—cross into Israel on a monthly basis for treatment in Israeli hospitals. They stay in the same rooms with Israeli Jewish children, receive identical treatment, and their accompanying adults stay overnight in special hostels, provided by the hospitals for these particular purposes. Most children from the Palestinian territories are badly brain-washed by the Palestinian propaganda upon their arrival; they are scared and anxious at first, but quickly learn that they are welcome and loved just like their Jewish roommates

Does that bear any resemblance to the apartheid state of South Africa?

Until recently, Israel has been flooded on a daily basis with thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa who crossed into the Jewish state from the Sinai to seek refuge and peace in a country that their Muslim tormentors labeled an Apartheid State. These refugees have found work in the major Israeli cities, but they also contributed to a notable upsurge in the crime statistics. The Israeli government has found it extremely difficult to deport them due to its Jewish heritage concerning the Holocaust, where Jewish refugees were denied entry to safer havens, including the US.

Why would these people risk their lives and sneak illegally into an “apartheid state? Why don’t they shorten their journey and stay in Sudan, Libya, Egypt or any of the other “non-apartheid” states?

One incredible fact that people may find amazing is rooted in the prospects of the so-called "Peace Process," leading to a Palestinian State. When trying to map the boundaries of a future Palestinian state, Israel has proposed some territorial swaps. Israel offered to retain key settlement blocks in Judea and Samaria in return for major Israeli Arab villages adjacent to the West Bank, which would be adjoined to the new Palestinian State. It could have been a fair exchange barring a biting refusal by the Israeli Arab residents of these villages, who would not go along with the idea. Although they were Palestinians, they rebuffed the thought of replacing their Israeli citizenship with a Palestinian one. What's more, Palestinians living around Jerusalem have been moving to Israeli Jerusalem, outside the boundaries of what they feared would become part of a Palestinian state. Don't they want to be citizens in their own country? Do they prefer an "Apartheid State" to the dream of independence? It seems that way.

The Palestinian economy is highly dependent on Israel. The Jewish state provides electricity, oil, medicine, banking services, food and other wares, to all of the Palestinian territories. There are extensive commercial ties between Israel and the Palestinian territories, without which the Palestinians would not be able to sustain their comfortable (relative to many neighboring Muslim states) livelihood. Still, Palestinian politics continues to deny Israel's right to exist; it continues to glorify terrorists, killers and suicide bombers; it keeps on brain-washing the young with its custom-made hate-dipped propaganda; it maintains its anti-Semitic cant over their government-controlled media; it rewrites history to justify its objectives, and it calls for genocide of all Jews in Israel and beyond.

And to top it off, It’s well established that the most prominent Apartheid states in this world are the Muslim states since in following the Qur'an they treat non-Muslims as inferior beings—as dhimmis; they treat women as second class in some cases or slaves in others. Calling Israel an apartheid state and counting the Arabs out of that sphere is like designating Osama Bin Laden a victim, the navy seals team six—cold-blooded criminals.

The fact that many people hate and condemn Israel does not make it right. Anti-Semitism was widespread prior to Israel’s existence. Many people blamed it on the Jews then, and some people (I guess you know who) blame it on Israel now.

Noam Chomsky, the celebrated intellectual whom you adore, is one of those self-hating Jews. The simple fact that he is a son of a rabbi affords him no immunity. He is a self-hating Jew just like the Jewish ultra-religious cult of Naturei-Karta rabbis that went to meet Ahmadinejad in Teheran, supporting his aspirations for wiping Israel off the map. Chomsky and you seem to share the same objective.

On the Gaza war

You say that nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water. But you have pointed your accusatory finger at the wrong party, the party, against which you possess a negative bias, prejudging it with no evidence to support your accusations other than blind hostility.

It has been well established. Hamas started the war; Hamas refused to cease the rocket fire (more than once; more than twice, more than plenty) on Israeli civilians when the Egyptian proposal was agreed upon by Israel; Hamas shot the rocket that destroyed their own power plant, depriving its own citizens of electricity and water, placing the blame for the damage on Israel. Hamas converted UN schools, mosques, hospitals, private homes, to military targets by digging offensive tunnel piers in the basements of these structures, storing and shooting rockets from these locations targeting Israeli civilians.

And in addition, it has been proven that the final claim concerning the UN school shooting did not happen the way it was initially reported. It had actually been staged by moving dead bodies from other locations into the UN school yard, calling news crews to film and report the consequent action at the school location. The whole truth has not yet been reported because Hamas intimidated and threatened foreign reporters while they were in Gaza. Foreign reporters are finally coming out of the closet and Hamas's deceptive activities, including their manual instructing and guiding fighter terrorists on the use of human shield, have started trickling out. But you refuse to see or hear it because truth would violate your anti-Israel conception.

I guess, either you expected Israel to do nothing while Hamas was shooting rockets at its civilian population, or stop applying the Iron Dome as some “friendly” UN personnel have suggested, so as to make the Israeli defensive action more proportionate. Is that what the US did in Iraq, Vietnam or WWII? Did the US try to warn the Germans and the Japanese, asking them to leave Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima before the bombs rained down and detonated?

You are taking an unacceptable conduct by a group of Israeli soldiers who had left a number of messages in a home they visited during the invasion of the strip—feces on the tiled floors and a plastic bottle filled with urine in wastepaper baskets—and make a sweeping statement, blaming the whole Jewish state and its military for the misconduct of a few. It’s clear that you have never experienced the consequential rage and negative energy that grabs hold of some soldiers during the heat of battle.

You have no idea how transformative it could be. I witnessed it during my military service in the 6-day war, and I realized that these particular individuals do not represent the majority of Israelis, nor do they represent the military leadership, the Israeli government or me. You can find examples of American soldiers urinating on enemy dead bodies, torture prisoners of war in Iraq, killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan, etc. Do they represent America? Do they represent you? You’d not take responsibility for these actions. But you are quick to pass judgment on the whole Jewish state when you sit in your comfortable air-conditioned home and watch the war on the al Jazeera channel.

Nevertheless, can you imagine what could have materialized had Hamas fighters invaded a Jewish home? In this case, they would have done what their leadership and their holy texts have been advocating. They would have represented their people and their government. Look around the Middle East. Cruelty and savagery rule the roost in the Arab world, and Hamas is no different.

Occupation and Blockade

You accept the claim that the blame for the war falls on Israel because of the occupation, and the blockade of Gaza. But you should learn from history. You should know that your ideas of peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians have been tried and eventually failed.

Do you even know that Israel's policies in the "West Bank" and Gaza brought about a huge immigration by Arabs to that territory, tripling its population from 950,000 to 3,000,000+ between 1967 and 1994 due to an Israeli "Marshal Plan", which brought about an exponential increase in the area residents' standard of living?

Do you know that in the years of 1967-1994 there were no roadblocks; there was free movement by Arabs, who traveled freely to Israel for work, shopping, and pleasure?

Do you know that it all ended following the Oslo accord and Arafat's return to the area, his taking control of a Palestinian autonomy and his initiation of a terror war?

Do you know that in consequence of Arafat's rule, corruption, and terror management, the "West Bank" GDP in 2003 was reduced by 90% comparing to its 1992 level?

Do you know that between 2005 and 2007 there were no Jews left in Gaza as they had all left in 2005; there was no occupation of Gaza, there was no blockade either. Do you know that in 2007, once Hamas took over Gaza  they started shooting rockets at Israeli towns with the clear objective of killing civilians? They blamed it on “The Occupation”—that is their name for Israel.

Gaza is not an open air prison since Gazans hold the keys to the so-called “prison” gates.
The question must be asked: What occupation? There were no Jews in Gaza. The answer: Israel, including Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Ben Gurion airport, Western Jerusalem, is what Hamas delineates as occupied land. Khaled Meshaal, the current Hamas leader, has said in his coded language, “We want to have peace in the region, but peace will not be achieved before the removal of the occupation.”

He then added, “We have agreed that peace can be achieved with the removal of the occupation and the end of aggression.” One needs to understand that the term “the occupation” is synonymous to “Israel,” and the term “aggression” is a code word for “Israel’s existence.” In other words, Meshaal‘s peace initiative has called for peace with Israel as long as Israel ceases to exist.

In summary. Had the Palestinians possessed peaceful intentions; had they wished for a peaceful coexistence with Israel, there would have been no need for blockade, nor for occupation. History can only reinforce that conclusion. Gaza is not an open air prison since Gazans hold the keys to the so-called “prison” gates.

It’s not a prison if you can open the gates with your own keys. It is a self-imposed segregation.


Hamas knows that they could not beat Israel in the battlefield; they know that they can only win the war by delegitimizing Israel. The more pictures of dead Palestinian bodies, the more damage to Palestinian infrastructure, the more suffering for the Palestinian population—the more it serves their cause.

And the one thing Hamas is striving for, the one thing that keeps them fighting, refusing to cease fire, the one thing that keeps them inviting added devastation of Gaza is those despicable self-hating Jews who write and publish articles condemning Israel, claiming that Israel gives a bad name to the Jews.

You self-hating Jews are the reason these terrorists keep their terror machines up and running; you are the reason they perceive victory in the face of defeat and devastation. You are the reason Hamas will never seek peace. You are the proof that Hamas wins the battle for world opinion; they are making strides in their effort to delegitimize Israel with your help.

And your help is the fuel that lights the fire behind their irrational terror engine.