UNRWA: United Neo-Nazis for Rockets, War and Abductions

In the case of UNRWA, truth is far uglier than fiction.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Almost everybody knows, or should know, what SPECTRE is.  SPECTRE is the fictional, super-secret, world-wide terror organization that is featured as trying to destroy or extort the free world in many James Bond movies.  SPECTRE is an acronym standing for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence,Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.  All the minions of SPECTRE do all day long is plan and execute murder and extortion of good people.  

In the James Bond movie, Thunderball, nobody really ‘knew’ about SPECTRE’s evil purpose because it successfully masqueraded itself under the legitimate cover of a humanitarian refugee relief organization.  SPECTRE was the evil product of he great spy novelist, Ian Fleming.

UNRWA and its “refugee” definition is the greatest obstacle to peace, not the Israelis in Israel’s homeland of Judea and Samaria.
Almost nobody knows, but everyone should know, what UNRWA is.  UNRWA is a real-life, super-secret, terror organization that is trying to destroy the State of Israel.  UNRWA is an acronym standing for United Nazis for Rockets, War and Abductions.  UNRWA acts as it does only because it is a Jewish state.  In real-life, nobody really knows about UNRWA’s purpose because it has successfully masqueraded itself under the legitimate cover of a humanitarian Palestinian refugee “relief” organization using the very same initials - UNRWA - ostensibly standing for United Nations Relief and Works Agency.  The UNRWA terror organization is an evil product of the great post-World War II powers, the United Nations.

In the case of UNWRA, truth is stranger, and far uglier, than the fiction of SPECTRE.

How did we get UNRWA?  And, how does it work to try to destroy Israel?

When Israel was created, there were two types of European and American diplomats.  The first type of diplomats were crypto-Nazis who were able to slide into the post-World War 2 world.  They wanted to finish the job Hitler started. 

The second type of diplomats was the more liberal non-Nazis who witnessed the Holocaust, and watched Hitler murder the Jews.  These liberal diplomats knew they were almost as guilty as the Nazis for doing nothing.  Israel was the very living proof of the Holocaust these diplomats wanted forgotten.  In the face of the Holocaust, they couldn’t first deny Israel its creation and existence. But UNRWA tried to plant the seeds of Israel’s ultimate destruction.

The way the diplomats created UNRWA was to dramatically change the definition of refugee in the Israel-Arab conflict so that all the actual refugee’s children, grandchildren, until the end of time are deemed “refugees”.  Then, ultimately, under the ever-growing time-bomb of number of Palestinian “refugees,” Israel would be crushed.  Refugees from conflicts all over the world are under the aegis of the  UNHCR United Nations High Commission of Refugees, according to whose definition a refugee’s child does not continue to be a refugee.

Therefore, in a generation or two, all refugees from any non-Israel conflict lose their refugee status.  But in the special case of UNRWA, generation after, growing generation of the original Palestinian refugees become an exponentially ever-growing class of “Palestinian refugees.”  It is with this explosively ever-growing number of “Palestinian refugees” that the world-powers can try to wipe away Israel.  Instead of the ever-dwindling number of 30-50,000 still-living original Palestinian refugees under the UNHCR definition of refugee, Israel now faces the ever-growing tsunami of 5,000,000 self-styled “refugees” under the UNRWA definition.

By this, the United Nations, the EU, and world’s super-powers knowingly insure that the Palestinian "refugee” problem will wreck any chance for a peaceful resolution the Israeli-Arab conflict.  UNRWA and its “refugee” definition is the main obstacle to peace, not the Israelis in Israel’s homeland of Judea and Samaria.  

What’s worse, the United Nations, along with the Palestinian leadership, insures the Palestinian Arab "refugees" will remain in squalid refugee camps instead of becoming incorporated into the populations of other countries as happens all over the world in other conflicts.  By feigning “care” for their Palestinian “refugees,” UNRWA cruelly makes sure their lives continue to remain a living misery.

But UNRWA hasn’t stopped there.  UNRWA's schools' curriculae and texts inculcated Palestinians with virulent hate and the belief they will all return to al Quds, Jaffa and Haifa over the dead bodies of the Israelis, but UNRWA humanitarian schools and hospitals actually stored Hamas’ rockets, and served as nodes for Hamas terror tunnels.  On top of that, UNRWA is now acting as Hamas’ “UNRWA Dome” to hide rockets and to shield Hamas military assets from Israeli attack.

To add even more kafkaesque relief to the United Nations’ UNRWA sheltering of Hamas’ rockets and tunnel shafts, Commissioner of the UNHCR Pillay has condemned Israel and the United States for not providing the Hamas terrorists with the Israeli-invented anti-rocket Iron Dome technology so Hamas can protect Palestinian civilians who are, in turn, protecting the Hamas terror rockets and tunnels.  

UN chairwoman Pillay criticized the U.S. for helping fund Israel's Iron Dome system and stated, "No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling."

The very first thing Israel should do after it dismantles Hamas is to dismantle UNRWA, and expose it for the wide-wide organized terror organization it truly is.  But unlike a James Bond movie where SPECTRE is always severely destroyed, I imagine that UNRWA will not be slightly scratched.  UNRWA is protected by all of the world’s superpowers who created it in the first place.