Do the Shiites Realize Iran is Stealing Their Oil?

The Arab Shiites are being duped by the non-Arab Persians.

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Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Obama has turned the world’s greatest and noblest military on earth into bodyguards for Iran, the world’s most-evil, most murderous regime on earth.

The Arab Shiites in South-Eastern Iraq have to get real.  They think the Arab Sunnis are murdering them because they are Arab Shiites.  They think Iran wants to ‘help’ protect them from those murderous Arab Sunnis.

Reality is totally different. The only reason Iran has fomented a civil war in Iraq between the Arab Sunnis and the Arab Shiites, is so the Arab Shiites will be so weakened they won’t know Iran has stolen all the oil in the south from under their noses.

The Persians are laughing all the way to the bank.

Iran has waged a patient war against the United States, the Iraqi Arabs, the Levant Arabs, and the Gulf Arabs for 13 years.  Iran’s game is simple.  Have the Mesopotamian and Levant Arabs murder each other, so that there won’t be any one to stop Iran’s oil and land grab in Iraq’s south.  

That is step one.

Once Iran collects the Shiite Arabs’ oil in Basra, Iran intends to head south, and not stop in Kuwait like Saddam foolishly did.  Iran intends to sweep away Saudi Arabia and collect the entire west side of the Persian Gulf along with its limitless oil reserves.

 President Bush’s catastrophic mistake was not in invading Iraq, but in allowing Iran to import IEDs that blew up US soldiers and insured America would turn Iraq into another Vietnam.  Where did the IEDs come from? Syria’s ambassador to Iraq admitted - after the Iranians destroyed Syria - that Assad, with Iran’s assistance, imported the IEDs into Western Iraq to blow up American soldiers.  
Iran’s goal was two-fold.  First, Iran wanted to insure that Iraq didn’t become a peaceful democratic Arab country that used its oil wealth sensibly for its own people’s benefit.  Such an Arab democratic neighbor would have been an existential threat to Iran.  Not because Iraq would have attacked Iran, but because Iran’s people would have seen the Iraqi success.  And then, the Iranian people would have rebelled and attacked Iran’s falsely religious blood-thirsty dictators.  These politicians dress in false religious cloaks to hide their pathological desire to control the world, and murder anybody that stands in their way.
Secondly, once America retreated from Iraq under the withering murders carried out with Iran’s IEDs, Iran would “fill the vacuum” and pick up the Iraqi Shiite pieces and collect the South Iraqi oil reserves. 

Iran lucked out when it helped engineer the election of Barack Obama.  But, even Obama can only help the Iranian mass-murderers so much.  Denied his desire to bomb the Sunni rebels, Obama has now turned the United States Air Force and Navy into Iran’s personal reconnaissance and intelligence service.

Obama has turned the world’s greatest and noblest military on earth into bodyguards for Iran, the world’s most-evil, most murderous regime on earth.

A war must be fought against the Iraqi Shiites Arabs.  But not a war of bombs and bullets, a war of convincing the Iraqi Shiite Arabs that the Sunnis don’t want to kill fellow Arabs.  It’s a war of ideas to explain that the only people who want to kill Shiite Arabs are the Persians, non-Arabs who want to steal Shiite Arab oil to build nuclear bombs.  

The Iraqi Shiite Arabs should ask their next-door neighbors, the Shiite Ahwaz Arabs how “well” the Iranian Persians treat “Iranian” Shiite Arabs.  There’s one word for how the Persians treat the Ahwaz - Genocide!  Iraq’s bedlam is not about religion, it’s about Persia’s megalomania.

The Shiite Arabs better wake up fast, or they will soon find a long Persian dagger in their backs.