The World Just Does Not Care, So Let the IDF Win!

Do what you have to, Israel!

Ronn Torossian

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Ronn Torossian

The world is quiet when Jews are attacked – and condemns us when Jews want to live.
We Jews often claim that we are subject to a double standard – and we often are.  We claim that Israel is judged differently – and she is. Yet, sometimes we should accept the fact that the world just does not care about our issues, or other issues. And when they comment – or do not – life must goes on, regardless.
Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations addressed the media on Tuesday morning, stating “It has been five days since our boys went missing. I ask the international community – where are you? Where are you?” The UN General Assembly and Security Council have remained largely silent on the matter of the kidnapping- but the reality is that the world is in the midst of major upheaval. Hundreds of thousands murdered in Syria, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, escalating crises in Iraq. During it all, life across the world goes on. 

Rightfully, Jews worldwide have demanded to bring our brothers home. It’s been a tough few days for Clal Israel, Jews the world over, with the three missing boys.  The outrage from Jews worldwide has been loud and unified. And that is great – and that is what we should expect.
Israel should remember that the world just does not care. The world is quiet when Jews are attacked – and condemns us when Jews want to live.  And even if Israel does something they do not like – this too shall pass. Muslim extremists kidnapped Jewish teenagers – and naturally there are forces on social media that seek to equate Arab imprisoned murderer-terrorists with Jewish innocent teenagers. They are wrong – and we alone are right.

Israel needs to remember that when the IDF fights– and protects our people, that the world just does not care.  If they condemn the Jewish state, as my mom, Penny Waga Z’L used to always tell me –  this too shall pass.

When Israel fights back the world will condemn Israel – And we must accept it just as we accept the sun coming up in the morning.  
What matters more is that decent people worldwide stand on the side of truth.  Israel stands for the good guys.

Support the Israel Defense Forces – and let the IDF Win. 
May Eyal Yifrcah, Gil-Ad Shaer, and Naftali Fraenkel be returned safely to their homes.