Jews, Get Out of Europe! It's Not for You

There is nothing for Jews in Europe, there never was. It does not matter what happens in Israel - that is where you are at home.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Don’t believe the false whimpers and opportunistic tears after the last terror attacks. Anti-Semitism doesn’t shock people anymore in Europe. Jews are not welcome here where I live.

My ungrateful and sour continent is not for you.
Maybe the Old Continent experienced a brief season of remorse after the Holocaust and sponsored the reconstruction of its Jewish communities. But now, it is down to contempt, hypocrisy and photo opportunities in front of Brussels’ Jewish Museum.

There are between 5,000 and 10,000 Jewish cemeteries and mass burial sites in Europe, and those are only the ones that have been identified or presumed to exist. This is what Europe is, again, for the Jews: just a big cemetery.

Jews are not welcome in France, which burnt the Talmud in the Middle Ages, conducted the Dreyfus affair, capitulated to the Nazis in World War II and now hunts the Jews in the streets (does Ilan Halimi’s name mean something?).

Or Italy, with its Fascist past, where one fourth of the population hold anti-Semitic views once again; or Spain, which gave the world the Christian Inquisition, barred synagogues from being built on its soil for 500 years and now leads a campaign against the IDF’s “war criminals”.

And what about England? From the blood-libel in Norwich in 1144 to the murderous White Paper which locked the gates to Jews fleeing the gas chambers, Jews should be aware of the British.

Seventy years ago, Europe’s doctors used the Jews as guinea pigs for their medical experiments. Now Europe’s doctors charge the Jews with new medical blood libels such as in the case of Mohammed al Dura.

In the concentration camps, one day a commandant walked in and pulled a Jew out of line and told him to hold out an arm. Then he took out the sword he always carried, and, in one fell swoop, lopped off the Jew’s arm. The German then looked at him and said, “It hurts, no?”.

Jews, don’t believe the grandchildren of that commandant. They always show the same sinister and savage response to the Jews’ suffering and losses.

Jews, the State of Israel is waiting for you. It has plenty of land to be populated, lived on, worked on and cultivated, from Kiryat Shmona in the north, Elon Moreh in the east to Arad in the desert.

Get out of Europe before it is too late. My ungrateful and sour continent is not for you. There is nothing for the Jews in Paris’ arondissements, Stockholm’s suburbs and Berlin’s neighborhoods.

Except for hatred, lies and resentment.