I Will Not Miss You, Mr. Peres

The immense damage Shimon Peres' actions and opinions have caused Israel - going against its elected government's policies - are not yet fully grasped by the public.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Shimon Perski-Peres will soon retire from Israel's presidency. I am sure he will not be missed by many Jews because he caused Israel such severe damage in so many ways that much of the Israeli public has not yet grasped its full import.

In his 2014 Yom Haatzmaut message, Peres, to all intents and purposes, joined Kerry in blaming Netanyahu for the lack of peace by saying that he - Peres - had reached agreements with Abbas that Netanyahu rejected. Never mind that the president of Israel is not authorized to do anything of the sort.

A few weeks ago, Peres called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence on Palestinian Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish state "unnecessary" and an "impediment to peace". How many times is it that Peres went public against the majority, dominant feelings of Israel's public opinion?

Peres, who did contribute to Israel's military infrastructure and the Dimona facility, opposed Israel going into Jenin's hell in 2002 after suicide bombers were slaughtering Jewish civilians, including the Passover massacre in Netanya.

Peres opposed killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, diabolical founder of Hamas, in 2004.

Peres wants to divide Jerusalem, forsake the Temple Mount and give away the strategic and Jewish Golan Heights.

During the crucial  years from 2011-2013, Peres worked hard to stop Israel from a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Peres trusted US President Barack Obama more than he trusted Netanyahu or Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Peres supported a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and the deporting of its brave and pure Jewish residents.

Peres is personally responsible for hundreds of dead Jews in the 2000-2006 Oslo War by driving Israel to make the biggest mistake in her short history (The Oslo Accords that brought a bunch of killers into Jewish territory and armed them).

Peres had one single defining mission: establishing a PLO terrorist state in order to appease the Jew-hating West and to appease 1.3 billion Muslims who are determined to exterminate the Jewish nation and her 6 million Jewish inhabitants. From Metullah to Eilat.

Peres helped empower the Arabs to make war on the Jews.

Above all, despite his talking of "A New Middle East" and of Israel as a pacified and wealthy "Hong Kong of the Middle East", Peres empowered hatred, death and terror.

And worst, his voicing of these expectations led to a massive anti-Israel campaign in the west.

When Charlie Rose once asked Peres if he had any regrets for the Oslo's decisions, if he might have done things differently, his response was something like, "Nothing, really."

In the seven years between Oslo and the Second Intifada more than twice as many Israeli Jews fell victim to terror as in the twenty years before Oslo. No regrets, Mr. Peres? That is why I will not miss you.

Your outsized ego cost too much Jewish blood. And Jewish blood is the only thing I care about.