A Generation of the Unteachable

Orwell said it first.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

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Paul Eidelberg

Israel’s existence is a constant provocation of Islam.
Think about it. Abbas is about to go to the United Nations, effectively ending the negotiations with Israel. What does this mean?

1)     Muslims have good reason for not wanting to make peace with Israel.  They understand quite well that Israel’s existence refutes the prophecy of Muhammad and thus contradicts Islamic theology.

2)     This fact, hence Israel’s existence, is a constant provocation of Islam.

3)     Indeed, Israel’s existence undermines the power structure of the entire Islamic world.

Isn’t the preceding enough for Muslims to want to destroy Israel?

4)     Moreover, if you believe that the God of Israel is not suffering from a loss of memory, hence, that He has not forgotten His promise to the Patriarchs, then the Jewish people continue to retain permanent possession of the Land of Israel.

5)     Furthermore, given the fact that Israel’s leaders have a fixation about making peace with Muslims, isn’t it possible that God has given Israel the PERFECT enemy: Muslims who can’t be bought, Muslims whose bellicose religion forbids them from making peace with Israel?

Why can’t Israeli politicians, political scientists, and journalists absorb these obvious facts?

Why don’t they take Islam seriously? Are they incorrigible?

Must we recall Orwell’s chilling remark, “A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses”?