Kerry and Obama, Go Solve Ukraine's Crisis

Israel can repel the pressure of Obama & Kerry just as the rest of the world does.

Ronn Torossian

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Ronn Torossian

Noonan: "Obama is ….like the father who poses on the bottom of the stairs and says in a deep voice, 'Don't make me come up there!' And for a moment there's silence and then the kids erupt in giggles..."
Israel should watch the Ukraine quite closely – and realize that ignoring American directives in today’s world works just fine.  

Under President Barack Obama, an ally is not an ally, and talk is cheap. This is a conclusion consistent with his actions many months ago, when Obama repeatedly warned Syria's Assad not to cross red lines, but did not intervene despite Syria's crossing of all red lines.

In the Ukraine, as Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan noted, "A great confusion has set in about what American political figures should and should not say when confronted with violent political events in other countries."

"Exemplifying the confusion, as he does on so many issues, is President [Barack] Obama," as his commentary on the Ukraine is "embarrassing."

Noonan notes that Obama is ….”like the father who poses on the bottom of the stairs and says in a deep voice, 'Don't make me come up there!' And for a moment there's silence and then the kids erupt in giggles. Because there's no price to pay if he comes up there, and because he doesn't come up.” 

This time in Ukraine, the Obama Administration has failed miserably yet again on foreign policy. Obama’s America does not know the difference between how to treat friends and how to treat enemies.

The Obama & Kerry team endlessly pressure Israel – and will feel even more emasculated after the Ukraine, causing them to pressure Israel even more.

Our people, who only 70 years ago were at the brink of extinction, have a strong and sovereign Jewish state whose leaders must care only about Israeli interests. Repel the pressure of Obama & Kerry. The Obama Administration is silent about a bomb being built in Tehran, over 120,000 killed in Syria in a civil war, and is impotent in Ukraine with a strategic battle going on right now. Israel shouldn’t be worried.

 A few Jewish homes being built in the ancient Jewish homeland will not hurt anyone. Obama has a record of betraying his allies, and of breaking his word, which Israel must remember. In Egypt (where he broke promises to Mubarak), Syria (where every red line was crossed), or Iran (where Putin and Iran do as they wish), the word of the Obama Administration cannot be trusted.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be strong in the face of Israel's enemies today and against Obama pressure. This is not just for Israel’s interest, but for the best interests of the West.  With the face of the world rapidly changing, it is in the interests of the civilized Judeo-Christian world to repel terrorists and protect Western civilized democracies like the State of Israel.

While the Ukraine burns – and its factions fiddle between the West and Putin – it would be a good idea for John Kerry to spend his time on that region and the many other foreign challenges America faces in the West, and leave Israel to her own devices.

Stop pushing a suicide plan down Israel’s throat.That is dangerous for Israel and America.

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur and author