I Urged Italians to Buy Sodastream

Giulio Meotti

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Last week Vitens, the leading Dutch water treatment company, announced that it has suspended its business relations with Mekorot, the Israeli aquifer company. The reason? The Israeli company provides water to the Jewish “settlements”.

The week that this racist boycott landed in Rome, where the 5 Star Movement petitioned the Congress and the municipality that the Italian company Acea suspend its contract with Mekorot.

Three years ago, the boycott was able to ban the distribution of the Israeli Agrexco, produce such as Jaffa citrus, melon, avocado and dates of the Jordan Valley from two supermarket chains, Coop and Conad  

Now two other Italian companies are targeted by the BDS. One is the Pizzarotti, the construction giant which works at the Israeli high-speed line that will connect Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. The reason? That line goes inside Judea and Samaria for six kilometers. Some days ago, six municipalities, including Naples, approved documents condemning Pizzarotti for his role in the "occupation".

The other company under attack Cem, is a leader in the manufacture of water products and a subsidiary of the Israeli company Sodastream.  The BDS movement scored a success in the municipality of Trieste, where the water distribution points will not adopt Sodastream, while green movement Legambiente has also cut ties with the Israeli company.

Maurice Silber, a spokesman for Sodastream, told me that "by lobbying the Italian towns with false arguments in order to boycott Israeli products and technology, the BDS is trying to import the Middle East conflict to Italian politics. This puts at risk Italian jobs in our subsidiaries. The world has realized that there is nothing wrong in giving work opportunities to the Palestinian Arabs who are working alongside the Jews with the same salary, and then creating bridges between the two peoples, a humanitarian aspect that boycott ignores".

I recalled when, seventy years ago, Italian stores displayed signs saying: "Entry forbidden to dogs and Jews". That is why this week I urged my readers to buy Sodastream and other Israeli products.

Anti-Semitism is raising its head. We must destroy it.