What Are Iran's True Intentions?

An EMET/CSP, US Senate-Side Symposium this coming Wednesday will discuss the question.

Sarah Stern, EMET

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It just stands to reason that the  Iranian mullahs wanted to prop up a different face from Ahmadinejad because Ahmadinejad had been honest about the Islamic Republic’s intentions when he had said that “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map”.

The Iranian are masters in the ways of deception and the art of negotiation. Hassan Rouhani had to be cleared by the reigning Iranian mullahs, and is really neither a moderate or a reformer.

When he was running for the Presidency last May, he openly bagged about how he had deceived the West when he had been in charge of the nuclear negotiations from 2003 to 2005, and used the negotiations as a smokescreen behind which he introduced the heavy water plutonium enrichment facility in Arak, the yellowcake, and went from 150 centrifuges enriching uranium to 1,750 centrifuges.

Mr Rouhani is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In 1994, he had been part of the planning of the bombing of the Jewish Center in Argentina. The very day before Mr. Rouhani left on his charm offensive to give his speech at  the United Nations, he was on the reviewing stand of a military parade, giving a speech, and reviewing a convoy of trucks carrying a fleet of Shahab 3 missiles, with a sign on the first truck that said, “Israel shall cease to exist.”

It turns out that the agreement that Mr. Kerry came back from Geneva was not actually an agreement, at all. It is merely the outlines of the potential framework of an agreement.

In the meantime, the Iranians have walked away from that with a huge infusion of cash, estimated as  between 20 to 25 billion dollars worth, of new business going into Tehran.

On top of that, the Obama administration has released to them  8 billion dollars in Iranian assets that had been frozen in the United States, since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The agreement is nebulous enough for them to feel that they got all carrots, and no sticks, as well as the international approval to continue with their deadly nuclear program.”

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