A London Church "Wall" Condones Killing of Jews

The security barrier that saves lives is perverted into an unjust barrier with no mention of what happened to Israelis before it was put in place.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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St. James’s Church, in Piccadilly, London, decided to celebrate Christmas by erecting, outside its church, a monumental replica of the Israeli security barrier .

Through the association of Palestinian Arabs with Jesus’ story, St. James Church invokes classical anti-Semitic tropes.

The replica is a very powerful propaganda tool, since the Jews fill the role of oppressors and serve as foils to the "persecuted" Palestinian Arabs with whom God stands in solidarity.

This week, Mahmoud Abbas called Jesus “a Palestinian” in front of Lady Ashton, the EU foreign minister, who travelled to Bethlehem to participate in the Christmas’ mass. She didn’t raise any objection to the nonsensical falsehood.

Now, in the Yuletide season, In front of a world famous London cathedral, Zionism is presented as a modern form of faithlessness, oppression and rejection of God. Jews are indicted for disobedience to God and the Biblical tradition, no less.

There are many examples of this kind of Christian event used to demonize the Jews such as the hijacking of Christmas carols, cards, and messages. Don Hinchey’s Christian liturgy “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, a classic of Christian pro-Palestinian tools, is reminiscent of earlier anti-Jewish literature in its claims that modern Jews have now burned down the “messiah’s home”.

Among the most famous skewed Christmas cards there is one of Israeli soldiers conducting a body search of Joseph, and a pregnant Mary on a donkey, blocked on their way to Bethlehem.

Christianity claims to be “the first religion which defeated death”. But by displaying such anti-Semitic images, the Western churches are promoting a glorification of death. They transfigure Arab Palestinian terrorism into a Christ-like image.

But above all, they sanction and condone the assassination of Jews. Again. Why have British Christian institutions not denounced the obscenity of such a display taking place in a house of worship that is an official constituent of the Church of England?

St. James’ clerics could have added a line from Matthew’s Gospel, where the worst anti-Jewish sentence ever written is placed into the mouths of the Jews themselves: “His blood will be on our children”.

And that of many innocent Jews, among them children, has been spilled this year.