What's New in Israel? Not Much

This is what you have to remember if and when Israel retaliates.

Paula R. Stern

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Paula Stern

Today and yesterday are among the times you can't do much about. Well, we could do something, but for now, we won't. So, what you have to do, is file the information away in your brain so that in the future, perhaps the very near future, when Israel remembers how to defend itself and finally says enough is enough and we will respond, you'll remember today and yesterday. 

No doubt, much of the world will be stupefied. But how the heck did you miss that this was going to happen?

In case you didn't hear, in the last 30 hours in Israel...

A man was murdered. He was fixing a fence that separates Israel from Gaza and Palestinian Arabs opened fire on the civilian...and killed him. In the civilized world, that's called cold-blooded murder. As a response - Israel told its civilians to stay away from the border fence, the PM promised to do better than that.

A police office was stabbed in the back last night by a Palestinian Arab. Now, that might not be considered cold-blooded murderer, because thankfully, the man didn't die but stabbing someone in the back - that's cold and it's also cowardly.

A firebomb was thrown at an Israeli vehicle.

A rocket was fired and crashed in Ashkelon, thankfully, no injuries.

A mortar was fired from Gaza as well.

A bomb was placed on a bus in Bat Yam, only the police officer attempting to defuse the bomb was injured because the passengers noticed a suspicious object and told the bus driver. He quickly evacuated the bus, likely saving his own life and that of his 12 passengers.

Arab terrorists attempted to attack/stab guards near the Mishor Adumim checkpoint - the guards noticed that the approaching Arabs were armed and took action, capturing them  while avoiding injury.

Readers out there, those of you not living in Israel, what happened to you over the last 30 hours? 

When Israel wakes up and takes action, .please don't tell us you never heard about these incidents, that we were not provoked, not attacked. Don't tell us that our response is disproportional.

Had the missile hit, had the bomb gone off, had the knife entered the police officer's body a few millimeters to the left or right, had the guards not noticed that the Arabs were armed and intent on attack - it all could have ended so differently – and not at all because the attackers wanted to minimize casualties.

Today, an Israeli was murdered in cold-blood; yesterday an Israeli was stabbed in cold-blood. A few short hours before, a bomb was planted on a bus. That's what you have to remember.

What's new here? Truthfully, not much - and that, unfortunately, that is the point.