Zero Problems in Turkey, Just One Murdered Police Chief

Turkish minister's sons were accepting Iranian money with their fathers' willing consent. Turkey is approaching civil war.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Turkish Prime Minister  Erdogan's Inspector Clouseau-like Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will be infamously remembered for coining the PM's  "Zero Problems" foreign policy.  As a rule of thumb, it was simple: appease Iran at all costs, and abuse Israel at all costs.  

It worked as long as Egypt correctly saw Iran as the Neo-Nazi-Shiite hegemonic regime that it truly is, and Iran could play Erdogan for the sucker he truly is.  When Iran's puppet Morsi took over Egypt, the Iranians dropped Erdogan. Now that the Egyptians have taken back their country, Iran is back to building up relations with Erdogan.

But, unfortunately, now we need someone like Lt. Columbo of the Los Angeles Police Department Homicide squad, because the Ankara Turkey police chief who recently uncovered the massive financial corruption in the heart of Erdogan's government was just found murdered in his car.  

Turkey is about to make Egypt's and Syria's revolutions look like child's play.

The following are the salient facts in brief:

At dawn, on Friday December 20, 2013, Istanbul prosecutors charged some of Erdogan's closest allies in a huge graft scandal.  About 90 people, including Erdogan's closest political allies, were arrested in a lightning dawn raid.

Those arrested were accused of taking or facilitating bribes relating to illicit money transfers to Iran and of large-scale bribery for construction projects.

During that same Friday, Erdogan responded by attempting to purge and fire the charging prosecutors, and firing dozens of the commanding and arresting police officers.

The next day, early Saturday morning, December 21, 2013, Hakan Yuksekdag, the chief of police responsible for the anti-smuggling and organized crime unit at the Ankara police Department working on financial crimes, was found dead in his car.  Ankara is the capitol of Turkey, so Yuksekdag was the policeman who likely had the real "goods" on the ministers inside  Erdogan's government, if not on Erdogan himself.

On Saturday, Erdogan threatened to expel many foreign diplomats, stating "Some ambassadors are engaged in provocative actions, we don't have to keep you in our country." He added that "international groups" and "dark alliances" were responsible for the graft allegations.

On Sunday, December 22, 2013, Erdogan "purged" another 25 police "chiefs" making a total of over 70 police officers who had been fired by Erdogan within 2 days.

On Sunday, the "new" police chiefs released information that Yuksekdag was a "father of two," and was having "family issues and debts which" may have led to "suicide."

Now, as that same Columbo used to say, "There's something that bothers me. . .."  For, if Turkey is the "Islamic Model Country," then its title is in danger.  There will soon be blood in the streets, if not outright civil war.  You don't have to be Lt. Columbo to see that Erdogan, or his henchmen, murdered Police Chief Yuksekdag.  

And, it is also easy to conclude that Turkey's Islamist politicians are a bunch of  crooks who will stop at nothing to create a permanent Islamist state and eradicate Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's legacy of a Turkish secular western civil society.  

In US President Riohard Nixon's so-called "Saturday Night Massacre," Nixon only fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, and let Attorney General Eliot Richardson, and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resign.  Nixon "fired" Cox, he didn't "fire at" Cox.  

Now if one believes that "family issues and debts" of a "father of two" are a legitimate reason for a "suicide" the very night Erdogan's entire government is caught in a massive bribery and graft investigation, then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you.  If "family issues and debts" is a reason for suicide, then 99.9999% of married men would commit suicide.  What husband in the history of mankind hasn't had "family and money issues"?  So, the report that the police chief's murder was really a suicide only makes the entire case more surely an official murder than it was before the announcement.

Erdogan's scheme to export his oxymoronic form of "Democratic-Islamism" to Egypt is now exposed.  Erdogan even  set up a Muslim Brotherhood TV channel to pump the Egyptians into an Islamist frenzy.  Maybe the Turkish Brotherhood TV channel can first investigate Chief Yuksekdag's death.  Or better still, maybe Erdogan can show the Egyptians the true democratic rule of law and simply resign now that his government's corruption has been exposed..  

What the alleged Turkish illicit money transfers to Iran involving sons of Turkish government ministers shows is that Erdogan is worse than a hypocrite as he watched 175,000 Sunni Syrians get murdered by Iran's puppets Assad and Hezbollah.  Erdogan and his cronies are nothing more than bought-and-paid-for Iranian proxies who were taking millions in bribes from Iran while they mouthed support for the Syrian rebels.  

Turkey and Qatar didn't help the Syrian revolution, they paralyzed it by introducing Islamists into the rebel side.

Erdogan constantly attacks Israel, the country where all the Arabs under Israel's jurisdictional control are protected by the rule of law. In Israel, including Judea and Samaria, Arabs enjoy more political and religious freedoms than anywhere in the Muslim world.

Erdogan wants to eradicate Israel because Israel's freedoms make Turkey look like the Islamist-Prison-State it is.  Israel's freedoms and scientific advances make Turkey look bad in comparison.  Erdogan wants to solve his Israel problem the way he solved his anti-corruption police chief problem, the Islamic way, by murdering it.

It's also no coincidence that Turkey, for the second year in a row, leads the world not in patents or Nobel prizes, but in jailed journalists.  Turkey has jailed 40 journalists. The journalists should consider themselves lucky compared to the police chief who lies dead in a morgue.

Turkey is in 'good' company, Iran has jailed 35 journalists (this is after they probably executed many others).   Israel, the country Erdogan would rant to you is the world's scourge of freedom, has jailed only 3 journalists.

Erdogan's dead police chiefs and virulent anti-Israel hate rhetoric aside, the deeper message here is that Turkey will not cross swords with Iran on the nuclear issue while the sons of Erdogan's ministers are fattening their Swiss bank accounts with Iranian bribes.  

So, the strategic utility Erdogan would have played for the USA, Israel or Saudi Arabia in stopping Iran from developing a nuclear bomb is exactly zero.  So much for "Zero Problems."