Can Nuclear Israel Forbid Iran from Having Nukes?

Does Israel have the right to pan Iran's nuclear ambitions if Israel itself has a nuclear facility?

Dr. Avi Perry

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Left-minded western intellectuals, habitual anti-Semites, and other enemies of Israel have addressed the insistent discontent expressed by the Israeli government concerning the recent agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

They have been suggesting that Israel should dispose of its alleged nuclear arsenal as a condition for insisting on an Iranian termination of its nuclear program. They have pointed to the US relations with Nuclear India, the administration tolerance of the Pakistani bomb, and the world absentmindedness concerning Israel’s refusal to admit its undeniable status.

Why is Iran different? They have been questioning. Why can’t Iran try to seek what others, and specifically, what Israel already possesses?

Is there really no distinction, or are these “intellectuals” blinded by superficial generalities? It is a fact that, among the official and unofficial nuclear club members, none
There is a strong suspicion that Iran’s leaders view Israel as a requisite bus stop on the way to other Middle-Eastern countries, Europe, and beyond.
other than Iran is controlled by an Islamic religious fanatic leader who views martyrdom as a religious dictate.

It is a fact that Islamic religious fanatics have no regard for innocent lives. They believe that Allah wants them to kill anyone who stands on the way of their version of world order. 9/11 and the culture of suicide bombing prove that point.

It is a fact that Islamic religious fanatics take their orders directly from Allah’s earthly self-appointed representatives and follow it blindly without a question.

It is a fact that Iran’s supreme leader and many of his followers, including his former president have already announced their intent to wipe Israel and its “rabid dogs” leaders off the map. They clearly implied that they would use a nuclear bomb for the task had they had one.

There is a strong suspicion that Iran’s leaders view Israel as a requisite bus stop on the way to other Middle-Eastern countries, Europe, and beyond, in their Jihadi mission to cleanse the world from its infidels.

There is a strong suspicion that Iran may actually bring its nuclear bomb into play, or let its Islamic comrades experiment with it on real human beings. There is no analogous anxiety when it comes to other members of the nuclear club.

But what about Israel? Why does the Western World beg off pressuring the Jewish state to open its nuclear facilities to international inspections? Why is Israel given a preferential treatment on the issue?

Apparently, the West, the US and even its Arab neighbors, understand that Israel would not use its nuclear arsenal in battle unless it is under an imminent existential threat or is being attacked with WMD first.

The Yom Kippur war—initiated by Egypt and Syria who invaded Israeli-occupied territory in 1973—and all Arab-initiated wars that followed are a clear and present proof of that assertion. They all understood that the Israeli capability was, still is, defensive. The attackers knew that Israel would not resort to nuclear weapons. They dared attacking a nuclear power, and they were proved right. Nevertheless,

Sunni Arabs, neighboring Iran, have indicated that they would seek parity once Iran becomes a nuclear power. They understand that Iranian nuclear aspirations are offensive. Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East was never on the table when Israel was alleged to having the bomb.

The US and the rest of the civilized world understand that Israel is the only country in the world whose citizens rather than their government are targeted for elimination by its religious fanatic enemies. Israel is the only country in the world whose citizens are threatened with a massive genocide by those aspiring to nuke it.

The North Korean government does not want to kill all of its Southern neighbor citizens. It wants to control them. India and Pakistan do not want to kill all of their enemy civilians. Their dispute is confined to territorial control.

All recent wars among the nuclear club members and other nations amounted to wars, cold or hot, between governments over territorial or political jurisdictions. These objectives are in contradiction to the utilization of nuclear weapons.

Iran’s “wipe them off the map” call is clearly a departure from the norm. If these neurotic desperados place their hands on this WMD button, the world may actually witness mushroom clouds for the first time since Nagasaki.

And that is why Iran should never have the capacity affording it the potential of fabricating a nuclear bomb.